Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Climbed back on the wagon....

Aunty Kylee with Skye
 Last week ended with me being in a right regular eating habits were all over the place, I just couldn't get into the groove. But after going to my little local ww meeting...a pep talk and a few little challenges helped me get back on track. Things are going along great. Tuesday morning I weighed in and recorded a loss of 500g which I'll seize with both hands after that bad start off to my week.
That's funny Daddy reckons Kaleb
 On the Saturday Shawn had his access visit with his kids....they are a joy to watch together. We took them up to Kylee's shopping center for an hour or so as they had bouncy castles, fairy floss & face painting all free to kids to celebrate the opening of the new store. The kids loved it....and even more so the girls got to ride home from the center with Aunty Kylee when she finished work.
Kylee enjoying some of  her nieces and nephews
Kylee had just as much fun with her nieces & nephews as Shera did. It was lovely to see, she has missed out on so much of their growing up over the years with her being in Melbourne.

The house settlement will be finalised on Monday and she has decided she is going to spend some of it on herself....and is going to go on a Kontiki tour for 14 days in Europe....London, Paris & Rome being some of the places. She says it will be a birthday gift to herself.

Tomorrow I am getting yet another quote for my kitchen, one of these days IT WILL BE DONE!!!  lets see what tomorrow brings.

ohh and next week I am having a professional photo shoot...I won a 3 hour portrait session with a photographer. They have asked me to bring in 3 outfits...and I am hoping either hubby or Kylee will come with me.  
Am I excited.....

yep :-)
A stylist will be there to do my hair and makeup, I am so looking forward to that. It will be a birthday gift to me....even if I have to do it by myself.


  1. Awesome about the photo shoot, have fun :)

  2. Well done on the loss - good work !!!!

    How exciting - a photo shoot - can't wait to see the photos when they are done - ENJOY !!!!

    Have a great weekend !

  3. Wow that is awesome about the photo shoot!
    Please show us when you have them!