Thursday, February 02, 2012

Bit of a grump....

House sold, car packed...hurry up removalists....

Our view from our tent on the Murry River.

Murray River Queen

Great Australian Bight

Great Australian Bight

Trying my best to settle in to my eating plan after my drive across the country....have my good days and bad days. More bad parts these past few daysdue to a few obnoxious people at my work place. Not nice when your're told "what do you know, your're uneducated and JUST a cleaner" !!  Ahhh well.  Lucky I do my like my job.... :-)
My weigh in on Tuesday showed a 2 kilo gain....quite good considering being on my backside for 4 days and not eating correctly....
Kylee's container of all her wordly goods arrived this morning....missing a basket  of her bike, and her washing machine has a crack across the top of it. Unfortunately after paying to get it across here she couldn't afford insurance as well....
Right best move...have to shake off these grumps and get moving....


  1. Wow awesome photos... love the sea ones.

  2. Glad mostly everything arrived safe and sound. I am feeling a bit grumpy today - not sure why think maybe because my weight isn't reflecting the extra exercise that I am doing - I know that it isn't directly related and I shouldn't beat myself up over it but I do !

    Glad you like the bathroom - we are really happy with it - even taking into account the hoo haa along the way to get it to like it is !!!!

    Have a great day !