Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Going back to Simply Filling..

Well it was weigh in day today....a sts this week. My fault as I haven't followed the program the way I should be. Tried to switch things around and do some days pro-points and others simply filling...but I just didn't do it properly...and worst of all didn't track or plan anywhere near as much as I should have.
And I ate way way too much fruit !!!!
So this week its back to the simply Filling plan I was following and losing on....100% 
It was measurement week too and I happy to report all measurements are lower than last months...so that's a bonus and makes me feel better.

Its been a busy week...only the 2 days of work, but caught up on a lot of chores around the house/garden. Getting air conditioning fitted on Friday so moved things around, dusted, wiped and swept and vacuumed right through the house. That's the worst of being on a large bush block...DUST!!  And cobwebs try to move in overnight too !!

My rose garden was just full of weeds and I have that finally looking good, I have neglected it badly.

Tanya rang me early one morning asking if I could have Matthew for a few hours as he had woken up with a cold/sniffles/cough and couldn't go to kindy. She had a lunch date with her friends and didn't want to cancel. Of course I said yes. I love my grandies and anytime I can spend one on one time with any of them is seized with open arms. 
We went for a walk along the jetty down at the estuary and looked for fish and crabs and hopefully a dolphin, Matty thought it wonderful.
Matty feeding Shera treats
Can you see it Jenna?
Yep Matty, Jenna thinks your're  just gorgeous!!

Kylee had Friday off so we drove down to Manjimup to see my mum. We didn't chose the right day, mum was in a real cranky mood due to no sleep the night before. Poor love is really worried about her younger brother (her and my Uncle are the last of their family) who  has been having a lot of trouble with his heart. 
But she was happy to see us...and it was great to spend time with my brother and sister who also arrived to join us for lunch.

Keeping to my New Year resolution and enjoying more of a social life. I accept all invitations that come in now....and Ted is agreeing that more social is good for us both.

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  1. so much for them saying you can eat fruit as much as you like! Pffffft, we both know you can eat too much and gain!
    A STS is better than a gain though, so all good!
    Better luck next week ♥