Wednesday, October 17, 2018

So where am I at...

So where am I at...
Well I am a lot better health and diet wise...still not 100% but better than where I was.
Still super busy with work, kids and grandkids. Daughter has kicked Garrry out and is a bit of a mess. She is tired of all the emotional abuse from him and his cheating. The last few days she has taken off work to try and get paperwork sorted out. He is still in her house and she is staying here till he gets out. He was being super cocky and saying he's wasn't going as he was entitled to half of everything not thinking that Kylee meant that they were over. Now its can't be try and work this out....nope, she say's, we are DONE!! 

Above is Tanya having Summer cuddles. 
We don't see a real lot of them now, Tanya is working to support her family...and the girls both have jobs and sports (both are super netball players) and Matt...well he is the typical 10 year old boy!! 

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Thyroid problems...

I know I have been missing for a bit..
I have been off track for awhile, had a raging appetite. Had headaches, night sweats agin (thought I was done with them!!, and was feeling so tired and fuzzy....
And I had a bout of diverticulitis as well...

A hormonal imbalance is a malfunction of one or more hormones in the body. Each hormone has a different effect on the body, and all hormonal imbalances are different. 
A hormonal imbalance may be asymptomatic, or inconsequential. However, it can also be the cause of many diseases, mild or severe, such as thyroid disorders, diabetes, acne, obesity, or infertility. Treatment includes restoring the normal order of these hormones.

So off to the Doctor I did go...
Blood tests I did levels were haywire.
Meds were altered and I am slowly starting to feel ok again.
I rang ww and explained what was going on and requested my membership put on hold for a month. My weight had skyrocketed. 

Our friends in Geraldton rang us and told us they had bought a big block of land out bush and asked us up there for a campout weekend. I requested the time off work and work gave me extra time off, so hubby and I hit the road and decided to go the long way around to our friends place and checkout the countryside and the awesome display of wildflowers. It was magic...and just what I needed.

Been back at home a week now and am slowly starting to feel like me again. 
My diet has been a lot better. Night sweats have stopped, bowel problems have settled down, my head is not so fuzzy.