Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Hubby

My dear hubby has a birthday today....won't say how old he is but he is older than
No celebrations for him, just a nice meal and a few glasses of wine and a quiet night at home. All the kids either rang or called around after work....
I gave him his pressie, a map card for his GPS, so when we go on hols up north in August he'll be able to take me to all the good fishing spots...method in my madness you see.....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Met up with Janinne again

Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with Janinne again. We first met online on the forums way back in 2005 when we started our ww journeys, then met up for real in Mandurah when Janinne and her hubby travelled over from Victoria for business in May 2006....Janinne had not long made goal then.

Today they were over in West Oz again for business and travelled down to Bunbury where we all caught up again....this time I was the one who had just made goal....

Lovely catching up again Janinne.....hopefully the next time I travel to Victoria we can arrange our schedules to catch up...

Happy Birthday Luke

My eldest granson Luke is 11 today....geeeeeeee how times flies. Can still remember the day very vividly that he was born, that was awesome for us, our first born granchild.

Unfortunately the relationship between Paul (our eldest son) and Luke's mother failed when he was a baby, but lucky for all of us he still does get to spend a fair bit of time with his dad.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE.....Love ya lots...


Anzac day today.....a day of rememberance for all those courageous and dedicated soldiers who died serving Australia and New Zealand.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Babysat grandies

On Friday morning I had Jessica, (5) Zoe (4) and Sheymus (2.5) dropped off for me to babysit. Yep Jen, took a day off from the funny farm. Daddy and Mummy and bubba Thomas had to go to Perth for a wedding and weren't coming home till Saturday after lunch.

So after daddy and mummy drove off, we took all our pillows and special cuddle toys and put them into their beds....and then went down the street shopping for juice and breakfast cereal ready for the morning. mmmmm school holidays isn't it so the shopping centre was full of activities for them, this day a huge bird display. So I had 3 kids all wanting to go in different directions....but I coped, and not once had to chase after one or the other. It was their Mummy's birthday today so we even managed to find a lovely little candle with hearts all over it for the kids to give to her on her return....and birthday card with glitter all over it too!!

After a very unsettled night for me where I was up and down to the 2 girls with one thing or other, poor Jessica has a dose of the flu and was very chesty....we managed to have breakfast, get dressed and head off to the park for an hour or so to feed the ducks and play on the swings....
ahhhhhhhhhh Daddy and Mummy picked up the grandies and hour or so ago and Jenna now has her feet up and relaxing.
Pop and Jenna loved the visit and spending time with them and it bought back memories of the days with our kids...but do so enjoy the peace and quiet now that they have gone. Love the visits, but do so love saying cyaaaaaaaaa!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Caitlin

Caitlin is a big 5 today....and wanted her Jenna and Pop to give her a Bratz doll for her thats what we got our big girl, plus a Bratz bag to put her her stuff in and a dvd to watch tonight when she is all worn out after her exciting day......

Happy Birthday Caitlin....loves ya lots....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend...

On the Saturday morning of the long weekend hubby and I packed up and headed off for a weekend away. It was great...2 days of just me and him, no worries, no cares....just relaxation!! We had fabulous weather on the Saturday, even the evening stayed warm which was a bonus as we took in a speedway meeting as that nights entertainment. Yep, my foot was itching and wanted to race, the heart was pumping. enjoyment plus as far as I am concerned!!! The skies opened up early Sunday morning, but did we care...nahhhhhhhhhhhhh....we just carried on driving and sightseeing. Some of the places we visited we hadn't been too since we were kids, yep a long time ago!!I didn't count points, ate when I was hungry, treated myself to a couple of devonshire teas....scones, jam and cream, yummmmmmmmmy!! Left the choccies alone, welllllllllllll nearly alone....did have 4 tiny wee little ones on Sunday evening after we arrived home....tired but happy.

On Monday....I caught with the eldest sons kids and took them around their easter baskets....

Ohhhhhh by the way...remember my blog post about appropriate clothing when walking. Wellllllllllll on Saturday morning before we left on our travels I went walking....this time in daggie trackies and t-shirt and I happened upon my "friend" !! I stopped her and asked her if I was dressed appropriately today...and she said nooooooooooo......when I walk my underwear shows !!! I just looked at her and told her to join the real world. Now can you tell me how many people check out whether the outline of peoples underwears shows when they are out walking???

Monday, April 09, 2007


This is my goal pressie from Vege....isn't she cute. I love her and now have her in a pot out in my garden....

This is the verse that come with her...

Vita is my naughty little name,

Wicked and wild and impossible to tame,

Playing with bugs and digging up worms,

Rolling in dirt and spreading my germs,

No clothes for me, my nudie blue skin,

Crawling around with a cheeky little grin!

Look at my eyes and my messy long hair,

I'm a bundle of trouble of trouble, so beware!!

Thanks Vege....

Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Break

I am feeling a little down, it just seems of late for every good that happens in my life it seems to be followed by what seems to be half a dozen bad things. I am still on a high about finally reaching goal but since thats happened I have lost my little Missy, my sons moods are swinging more and he is getting physcotic and I am getting quite scared as to what is going to happen with him. But until he helps himself no-one can do anything, all we can do is sit and wait and hope.

My hubby and I were meant to be taking off for the whole of the easter break, but where I wanted to go to has been put off. The 4x4 has a few mechanical problems which won't allow the longer trip. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeez it's always the way....the hubby is a mechanic too!!! So we are now going in the morning on a shorter trip and will come back on the Sunday unless I can convince hubby to stay a little longer. Will see what the weather does and how relaxed we get. We both need the break and time together to just sit around and just try to catch a fish. Not worried if I don't....have packed a few books to read. And have just seen advertised on the tv that there is going to be a speedway meeting on the Saturday night not far from where we will be camping.....yayyyyyyy thats Saturday night organised. I love my speedway and really miss racing my car....sometimes I wish I hadn't retired, would have liked to have seen what I could do now I am slimmer, fitter and have heaps of energy and stamina.

Just to finish off I want to wish each and all a HAPPY EASTER. Take care safe and enjoy the Easter festivities with your families and friends.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bye Bye Missy

I had just got home from work when I had a phone call from one of my boys to say my little Missy girl had been run over today and had been taken to heaven. Missy has been my little cat for the last 2 years. Kylee gave her to me on her first visit home after she moved to Melbourne. Every night while sitting up here on the pc she would sit up on the stool and talk to me as I typed and browsed the net. She survived a snake bite last summer...that was real scary, thought I had lost her then. Then for some reason she decided she would like to go walking with me of a morning....many a morning I would have to pick her up and carry her back across the road back to home and lock her inside. She found on her escapes across the road a lovely white male tom cat, who loved to play as much as she did. But unfortunately she escaped one too many times and tonight my little Missy is now playing with the angels.
Bye bye little girl......