Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So busy...

This is Ted's mum with my youngest son's boys.  Last time I had them overnighting I took them up to her her. Son doesn't have a drivers license or a car so he can't take them to see their greatgran too often. 
Mum is in hospital at the moment, been in there since last week, she has a ulcer on her leg that is just not healing. Its huge and spreading so hopefully this being the 3rd time she has been in hospital with in the last few months they can get it under control.

Since coming back from our short break it has been work work and more work. My supervisor is now on 5 weeks holiday so I have been covering some of her shifts and will do so for the duration…so I don't get a lot of spare time.  One good thing about it is the steps mount up on my fitbit…

Bought myself a couple of extra walking dvd's…one of them has is a really good workout….after 45 minutes I was sweating buckets and the next day I ached in places I haven't ached in awhile. Be doing that one quite a bit I think. 

Weigh in today, a stay the same. Not disappointed with that, excersise was great, food was good…but I snacked too much, not all of those snacks were good either.  Next week…onwards...

This is our li man….just taken tonight and sent to me….if you look closely you will see his first tooth which came throu today.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back again...

Our dear daughter Kylee. She works longs hours during the day then comes home and does all the usual "wifey" chores and looks after William. Garry, goes to work when she comes home…he does nightfill at Woolies a few nights a week and from there he goes to his bakery and does all his baking. On weekends they both work in the bakery.

Beautiful beach that I did most of my walking on….beautiful clear blue skies…but the water was cold.

A creek that we visited, wish I had packed my fishing rod….would have loved to throw in a line, and a crab pot.
Me and the very happy and contented William. He hardly  cries, the only time I heard him cry in the 3 days we were there was when the food didn't go in his mouth quick enough. He is a credit to mum and dad…they share the looking after of him and they do a darn good job.
The above are from on the way home. It was wet and miserable just like my mood when we left Carnarvon….but the rainbow and the lovely yellow canola crops brightened my mood.
Only another 5 weeks and I will see the little family again.

Right….no weigh in today. I indulged while away and with 2 days of travelling and just sitting in the car my exercise was down to what it normally was. Didn't want to see a big number on the scale….so decided I will have a week of 100% tracking…and hopefully have a good result next Tuesday. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Counting down….

Kylee has the twins up staying for the first week of the school holidays. She sent these pic to me last night…I just love the way all 3 of them are responding to each other…its just so cute. 
Just happy they all get on so well and Garry and his ex share the twins so William can grow up knowing his brother and sister.

Work is going to become very busy for me at the end of July, so next week hubby and I are heading up to see Kylee, Garry and William for a few days. I am counting down the days I can tell you.
Hope by then I have shaken of the last of this chest infection I picked up last weekend. Am alright through the day, but as soon as the night chill sets in I start coughing. I am keeping the house warm 24/7 and dosing myself up hoping I can rid myself of it. 

Weigh in last week I said goodbye to 1.4. Don't know if it was because I was good, or because I spent all last weekend in bed and hardly ate or if it was the changeover from night to day weighs….either way I'll take it.  Working hard to this week to have another loss as being on the road and visiting Kylee the following week is going to make "dieting" that bit harder. With the nicer weather I hoping to get William out in the pram and do lots of walking.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Trying to focus

We went into town and paid off the cruise yesterday, and were told we had 256 days till we sail.  Woweeeee…..is that all?
We only have our excursions to organise on the cruise and  our flights to Sydney. We are going to go to Sydney 4 days before we set sail as we have never spent time in Sydney and there are a few things we would like to see and do as heck knows if we'll get there again.

So this week I have been trying to focus just that bit more, as I want to drop at least another 10 kilo's (or more if I can) before we go. Two weeks of staying the same is ok, but its not good, it could have been better if I planned just that bit more.  Anyways, this week, so far I have been a bit better than last week, but once again I have been slack in the exercise department. Luckily my work as a cleaner makes for a lot of steps as really other than 2 jabber walks with my buddy thats all I have done. 
My pedometer died the other day so I went in to buy another…and on special was a fitbit zip, so I thought what the heck, everyone has been raving about these fit bits so I'll give this little itty bit thing a go. I might have made the wrong choice but its all I could afford, and its worn like a pedometer which I liked.

The week after next I am hoping to head up to Kylee's for a few days, can only get away for 5 days…2 of them will be in driving but any time with her, Garry and our lil William will be awesome. I miss them so much.

Onwards now, its work tomorrow morning, and come rain, hail or shine I will fit in a big long walk, and that will be repeated on Sunday and Monday.