Friday, July 04, 2014

Trying to focus

We went into town and paid off the cruise yesterday, and were told we had 256 days till we sail.  Woweeeee… that all?
We only have our excursions to organise on the cruise and  our flights to Sydney. We are going to go to Sydney 4 days before we set sail as we have never spent time in Sydney and there are a few things we would like to see and do as heck knows if we'll get there again.

So this week I have been trying to focus just that bit more, as I want to drop at least another 10 kilo's (or more if I can) before we go. Two weeks of staying the same is ok, but its not good, it could have been better if I planned just that bit more.  Anyways, this week, so far I have been a bit better than last week, but once again I have been slack in the exercise department. Luckily my work as a cleaner makes for a lot of steps as really other than 2 jabber walks with my buddy thats all I have done. 
My pedometer died the other day so I went in to buy another…and on special was a fitbit zip, so I thought what the heck, everyone has been raving about these fit bits so I'll give this little itty bit thing a go. I might have made the wrong choice but its all I could afford, and its worn like a pedometer which I liked.

The week after next I am hoping to head up to Kylee's for a few days, can only get away for 5 days…2 of them will be in driving but any time with her, Garry and our lil William will be awesome. I miss them so much.

Onwards now, its work tomorrow morning, and come rain, hail or shine I will fit in a big long walk, and that will be repeated on Sunday and Monday.


  1. How exciting - it's great when you have something so exciting to look forward to !!!
    Good luck with getting rid of those kilos - YOU CAN DO IT !!!!
    Have the best day !

  2. The cruise will be here before you know it.....and those kilos I am sure will be gone by then - Have an awesome week :)