Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back again...

Our dear daughter Kylee. She works longs hours during the day then comes home and does all the usual "wifey" chores and looks after William. Garry, goes to work when she comes home…he does nightfill at Woolies a few nights a week and from there he goes to his bakery and does all his baking. On weekends they both work in the bakery.

Beautiful beach that I did most of my walking on….beautiful clear blue skies…but the water was cold.

A creek that we visited, wish I had packed my fishing rod….would have loved to throw in a line, and a crab pot.
Me and the very happy and contented William. He hardly  cries, the only time I heard him cry in the 3 days we were there was when the food didn't go in his mouth quick enough. He is a credit to mum and dad…they share the looking after of him and they do a darn good job.
The above are from on the way home. It was wet and miserable just like my mood when we left Carnarvon….but the rainbow and the lovely yellow canola crops brightened my mood.
Only another 5 weeks and I will see the little family again.

Right….no weigh in today. I indulged while away and with 2 days of travelling and just sitting in the car my exercise was down to what it normally was. Didn't want to see a big number on the scale….so decided I will have a week of 100% tracking…and hopefully have a good result next Tuesday. 


  1. What lovely photos Jen and isn't William just a cutie ??? He is growing so fast - I bet you really notice it every time you see him.
    Here's to a great week for both of us.
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

  2. What great photos and what a cute little boy they have :). Have a fantastic weekend :)

  3. Sad they live so far away, and William is a credit to both of them.