Thursday, July 10, 2014

Counting down….

Kylee has the twins up staying for the first week of the school holidays. She sent these pic to me last night…I just love the way all 3 of them are responding to each other…its just so cute. 
Just happy they all get on so well and Garry and his ex share the twins so William can grow up knowing his brother and sister.

Work is going to become very busy for me at the end of July, so next week hubby and I are heading up to see Kylee, Garry and William for a few days. I am counting down the days I can tell you.
Hope by then I have shaken of the last of this chest infection I picked up last weekend. Am alright through the day, but as soon as the night chill sets in I start coughing. I am keeping the house warm 24/7 and dosing myself up hoping I can rid myself of it. 

Weigh in last week I said goodbye to 1.4. Don't know if it was because I was good, or because I spent all last weekend in bed and hardly ate or if it was the changeover from night to day weighs….either way I'll take it.  Working hard to this week to have another loss as being on the road and visiting Kylee the following week is going to make "dieting" that bit harder. With the nicer weather I hoping to get William out in the pram and do lots of walking.

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  1. They do look like they are having fun in the bath !!
    Take care of yourself - these coughs/colds seem to be really hanging around this year.
    Have the BEST day !