Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So busy...

This is Ted's mum with my youngest son's boys.  Last time I had them overnighting I took them up to her her. Son doesn't have a drivers license or a car so he can't take them to see their greatgran too often. 
Mum is in hospital at the moment, been in there since last week, she has a ulcer on her leg that is just not healing. Its huge and spreading so hopefully this being the 3rd time she has been in hospital with in the last few months they can get it under control.

Since coming back from our short break it has been work work and more work. My supervisor is now on 5 weeks holiday so I have been covering some of her shifts and will do so for the duration…so I don't get a lot of spare time.  One good thing about it is the steps mount up on my fitbit…

Bought myself a couple of extra walking dvd's…one of them has is a really good workout….after 45 minutes I was sweating buckets and the next day I ached in places I haven't ached in awhile. Be doing that one quite a bit I think. 

Weigh in today, a stay the same. Not disappointed with that, excersise was great, food was good…but I snacked too much, not all of those snacks were good either.  Next week…onwards...

This is our li man….just taken tonight and sent to me….if you look closely you will see his first tooth which came throu today.  


  1. How do you listen to the DVD while you are walking ? A walkman ???
    Well done on staying the same - I know you were worried about gaining after being away - clearly the extra steps from the additional shifts are helping keep things under control.
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

  2. Good to have a positive - extra steps for doing extra work, and also extra pay. Hope things for your mum get better for her soon. Have an awesome day :)

  3. Hey Me…
    Its a indoor walking dvd..pop it in the player and press start and then follow the leader…its a walk without going outside but boy are some of them are a workout !!!

  4. I can't see the tooth. Oh well, give it a few weeks!