Sunday, May 26, 2019


I am trying my hardest to be a patient dieter...seems to be working....slowly. Will keep at it.

Weighed in Friday...a gain this time, but only a few hundred grams. Hopefully I can shake it off this week. 

Just a quick some sort of "lurgy" 
Went to bed at 6.30 last night, not feeling the best. 
Woke this morning feeling off. Had a few bouts of vomiting and a few bouts of the "shits" too...
William had vomiting yesterday, he was feeling heaps better by the end of the day....let hope I am too. 

Monday, May 20, 2019

Still here...

My lovely Mother in Law, this pic was taken about 10 years ago now.
A few days ago it was the 3rd anniversary of her passing. We all miss her greatly still. 

Its been a busy few weeks.
First up..the week before last I lost weight again...I have finally...since I started Keto,  lost over 10 kilo's!! I started lazy Keto on January 16th. 
This week with Mothers Day and kids staying over...I lost the plot for a few days. Ate carbs, ate whatever took my fancy...but I am now back on Keto. I just don't feel 100% eating the carbs and the junk food. Anyways I struck out and didn't weigh in, i knew the scales would be up and with my mindset the way it was I wasn't going too. Not knowing what the scales said made it easier to put the "blow out" out of my mind and getting myself back on track.

I love the Keto way of eating. Yes I still have my blow outs occasionally, but thankfully I can get myself back onto Keto quickly and rectify the damage I may have done. 
My body shape has changed, a few centimetres have been lost all over, my clothes fit a lot better...and I do feel healthier. 
A comparison pic below. The bottom was was taken in February, and top ones were taken at the beginning of this month.