Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Birthday week

 This cute flamingo for my garden was one of my birthday presents I received for my birthday on Friday. It was a lovely day, spent it at home but had most of my family visit or phone so that was great. 
 Picked this up from our travel agent the other day, all our paper work for our flights to Sydney, accommodation paper work for Sydney and our cruise tickets….excitement plus. They even gave us the travel folder too, very nice it is too. Only 17 days and we fly to Sydney. 
Not much else is happening  in the world of Jen, all very quiet on the home front. 
Kylee sent me the above pic of our little man…..sound asleep in his cot, he sleeps in some very weird positions ehhh?

400 gram loss this week, 2.6 to go to get to top end of my goal. I have 2 more weighs in before I go…BUT I am not pushing myself to try and lose it before we leave, BUT I will be aiming for a loss on both weeks…NO EXPECTATIONS, all I can do is but try. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


…..Thanks in part to 4 GIANT size Freddo's…that I demolished….so that didn't help the sts I had this weigh in. Other than that I thought I had had an alright week, so its onwards to another week. Including next week I have only 3 weigh's in to go…and I would love to lose the 3 kilo's I need to get to the top end of my goal weight. Very doable, but I am NOT going to put pressure on myself to do it as thats when I stuff it up!!!!
Case is packed…now I have to unpack it and re-do it and make sure I have everything….and make sure my backpack has a couple of changes in it too for Sydney. Arhhhhhhh its becoming so real!!

Someone was playing with his toys in his toy box the other day, bent over to far and ended up in the box giggling….
The giggling soon turned to tears when he couldn't get himself out.
Mummy  being the mummy she is, dived for the iPad to get pics before rescuing him.
Soon Master William is off to daycare. Kylee and Garry have found a private daycare that is just opening and have enrolled William. Garry is not getting the rest he needs now that William is so active and not sleeping as much anymore…so they been to centrelink to see if they can claim a rebate for him, and they can. Sooooo in 2 weeks he is off, 4 days a week. Only 4 other kiddies will be going, and William likes the lady…and even more loves the big backyard, the animals, lawn and toys. Being with adults mostly I am sure William will enjoy the interaction with other littlies. 
Kylee's yard is not suitable for little toddlers, once the lease is up in May they will be relocating to more suitable house for a growing laddie. 
Well thats it for me for another week….off to rest my weary tootsies after a busy work day. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A great week

A couple of pics my daughter sent me, our little man and his Daddy having a nap…I just love them. 
William is still a little unsettled, very clingy and wanting to cuddled all the time, teething doesn't help matters. Kylee and Garry enrolled him in toddler swimming classes the Saturday after they got home as he loves water, but the poor wee mite is unsettled there too. Its a 10 week course so hopefully as time goes on he will settle. 
Garry is slowly getting better.  Has some quite bad days, but finds if he takes it easy he doesn't suffer with pain too much. He has employed a relief baker for a few days a week so he doesn't have to bake every day…and gets a bit more much needed sleep. 

It being Tuesday means its weigh in day. A great loss of 900grams. That means  I have now 3 kilo's to go to get to the top end of my goal weight before we sail…which is 1 month 6 days away…wow hasn't time flown. I started going to ww meetings at the beginning of May…my ww tracker told me today that since then I have averaged 200g a week loss, can't complain about that ehhh?
A friend I haven't seen in a few months saw me today and the first thing she said to me is wow, you look great Jen, you've lost weight!! I did give her a big hug :-)

Tuesday, February 03, 2015


 As much as I wish I could drop 2 jean sizes in one day…I know it ain't going to happen. I also know I am going to have some bad days…and have had a few of them over the past few weeks. Bu this week I seem to have held it together and at weigh in lost 500grams. So now I am back to where I was 3 weighs in ago. 
Have 42 days to go before we sail out of Sydney Harbour, would love to lose 3 or 4 kilo's in that time…lets see if I can. Just have to keep plugging away at it. 
Little William is now 13 months old…growing like a weed. Mummy says he has been a bit unsettled since he arrived home, hopefully he settles down soon for them. Poor little fella had a horrible week, seeing Dad flying out and not understanding what was happening with Daddy's Gullianne Barre Syndrome. A long drive down, pulling a heavy glass dish onto himself and getting a cut under his eye at a stopover on the way down. Seeing Daddy hooked up to machines and not being able to cuddle him….then daily trips up and down to hospital from here….ohhh and cutting another tooth….and then the long drive home !!
Mummy and Daddy are hoping to get him a brother or sister in the future….today was the first time in months that Kylee has ovulated, her POC is making it hard to conceive. Fingers crossed they are blessed with another little miracle like William.