Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Birthday week

 This cute flamingo for my garden was one of my birthday presents I received for my birthday on Friday. It was a lovely day, spent it at home but had most of my family visit or phone so that was great. 
 Picked this up from our travel agent the other day, all our paper work for our flights to Sydney, accommodation paper work for Sydney and our cruise tickets….excitement plus. They even gave us the travel folder too, very nice it is too. Only 17 days and we fly to Sydney. 
Not much else is happening  in the world of Jen, all very quiet on the home front. 
Kylee sent me the above pic of our little man…..sound asleep in his cot, he sleeps in some very weird positions ehhh?

400 gram loss this week, 2.6 to go to get to top end of my goal. I have 2 more weighs in before I go…BUT I am not pushing myself to try and lose it before we leave, BUT I will be aiming for a loss on both weeks…NO EXPECTATIONS, all I can do is but try. 

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  1. Not long now, the time has gone quick when I look back :)