Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A great week

A couple of pics my daughter sent me, our little man and his Daddy having a nap…I just love them. 
William is still a little unsettled, very clingy and wanting to cuddled all the time, teething doesn't help matters. Kylee and Garry enrolled him in toddler swimming classes the Saturday after they got home as he loves water, but the poor wee mite is unsettled there too. Its a 10 week course so hopefully as time goes on he will settle. 
Garry is slowly getting better.  Has some quite bad days, but finds if he takes it easy he doesn't suffer with pain too much. He has employed a relief baker for a few days a week so he doesn't have to bake every day…and gets a bit more much needed sleep. 

It being Tuesday means its weigh in day. A great loss of 900grams. That means  I have now 3 kilo's to go to get to the top end of my goal weight before we sail…which is 1 month 6 days away…wow hasn't time flown. I started going to ww meetings at the beginning of May…my ww tracker told me today that since then I have averaged 200g a week loss, can't complain about that ehhh?
A friend I haven't seen in a few months saw me today and the first thing she said to me is wow, you look great Jen, you've lost weight!! I did give her a big hug :-)


  1. I would give you a great big hug too.. if ya lived here! Well done Chick... YOU ROCK.

  2. Got to love comments like that, and yip the time is flying by :)