Friday, September 28, 2007

Goodbye Katrina

We sadly heard the news that Shawns first friend he ever made when we moved down here from the north-west passed away this week at the age of 24. Katrina was not only his first friend he ever made here, she was his first girlfriend, his best friend, his mate ......was always there for him through the good and bad. She spent as much time in this house as she did her own espesially when they were teenagers....if not with Shawn, was with Kylee....
Katrina Lee, today we say goodbye....we are sure gonna miss ya!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monthly ww weigh in

Missed my Monday evening weigh in last night as I had a work accident and squashed open my finger under a roller on the carrot grading table......yep OUCH!!!!! Spent 4 hours at the emergency in at the hospital waiting to be seen, then when I did get to be seen the Dr wasn't happy to stitch it without a surgeon seeing it ..... so another wait. Surgeon saw it, poked and prodded and thought I may have tendon damage so within the hour I was in a ward, weighed, gowned and put under anaesthetic (I hadn't eaten or drank since smoko luckily) and had surgery. No tendon damage thankfully but home with a very sore finger!!!
So went in and weighed this morning and I came in at 70.1 ..... 100 grams over the 2 kilo's I am allowed ... (BUGGER IT!!!!) ... but they let me off paying coz of the finger!! Must have been the surgery as I weighed in lighter on the scales at the hospital, but do know from previous weigh in at hospital their scales differ to mine by 1.5 kilo's.
Anyways off work for the rest of the week .
In the meantime its back to counting those points and keep on trying to lose this extra weight.....3 weeks to next ww weigh and I fly to Melbourne just after for At Home get together and visit daughter. Please don't let me get bored and raid the fridge and pantry while I home!!!
Ohhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa daughter flys in tomorrow for job home for a quick visit before she flies back to Melbourne to wait for me to visit her...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why can't he see.....

I am talking about my very troubled son....who else!! He is a huge big stress in my life...if he didn't have his lovely partner and my two gorgeous little grandaughters I wouldn't be there for him as much as I am. His moods swings so quickly and has drug induced mental problems and is often in a paranoid state. I was meant to be catching up with Rach today for a coffee and chat but she messaged me to say she had had a bad night and wouldn't be able to catch up. Rach has only a week or so before she has a bub!! So I rang son (and I hate ringing him coz I never know what kind of mood he is in) to say they could come visit earlier if they liked as I wouldn't be going out to meet Rach. He was fine on the phone and then I said something...heck really knows what I said but whatever it was it set him off!! He went on and on about how he is misunderstood and how its not the drugs that causes all his problems, then within 5 minutes he was back to normal, stopped his ranting 'n raving and said he'll see us in an hour. When they got here Hannah says he hasn't been too bad, but they are fighting and arguing a fair bit of late....she says he can be very aggressive and moody and very quickly misinterepts what people say, even her. I am scared that he is going to hurt someone. Talking to him today and I gingerly asked him if he needs help with his "moodiness" and maybe need medication and he says no...

We have travelled this route with him before, he even went to rehab....ohhhhhh that was a fantastic year with him, I had my son we have to wait and live in hope...and pray he doesn't hurt anyone but himself. It's breaking my heart and sending me grey.....but unfortunately I can't do anything until he is ready to help himself.
Damn it.... coz without cannabis he is a bloody good kid !! Why can't he see what he is doing to himself, why can't he see the changes in himself....Why can't he see??

Monday, September 17, 2007

Time to act........

Another weigh in night and with the weeks I have been having of late I expected something shocking.....but it was only a 100 grams on. I have been trying to lose the holiday over indulgence, but with some stresses I have been having I haven't been able to get my head around counting points consistently. And then when I becomes so physically demanding my body craves more food!! Anyways next week is a monthly ww weigh in so this week it is time to get me head in the right place and do something about it. I head to Melbourne in just over a month.....hopefully by then....nooooooooooo lets rephrase that....I WILL be back under my goal of 68.
ohhhhh the pic was taken at work during a smoko break at work .....note how rugged up we all are...its been so cold!!
Ohhhhhhh just wanted to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Rae and Duane on the birth of their son ..... Xavier Micheal....a little sunbeam for our little Rae of Sunshine........

Friday, September 14, 2007

Footy night....

I have had a so-so week this week. It has been cold, wet and darn miserable most of the week...and work has been plenty full-on!! A lot of packing, lifting and stacking of 20 kilo bags of vege's...and a stint on the potato harvester, plus packing brocolli....all physical work, espesially the stacking. mmmmmmm who needs a gym when you have weeks like that. I have managed to walk a few days this week as well, didn't this morning as it was pelting down with rain.....and didn't yesterday either as I had to be at work 30 minutes earlier than normal. I know I could have put on a excersise dvd and do that, but nahhhhhhh I think I knew a footy blowout was a coming!! Tomorrow hopefully I won't be a lay in bed and will get my butt wriggling before Shawn and Hannah arrive to drop off Skye for a weekend sleep over with Jenna and Pop. Now food.....up to today it has been reasonable after my wagon fall off last week....but tonight my beloved West Coast Eagles are playing Collingwood.....if they lose they are out of the finals run.....if they win well they live to play another game. ohhhhhhh its a nailbiter and along with my cup of hot choccy I have been nibbling bikkies and a few other unmentionable sweeties most of the evening..... Yep definetly will have to get my butt wriggling tomorrow!!! I have joined a September challenge to see if I can lose this holiday over-indulgence weight I put on....but with one thing or another I just can't get myself together and keep myself together for a full week. Maybe I need to go back to weekly meetings...I don't know. Will wait and see what my scales say when I weigh myself on Monday evening.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk the game has just gone into time on.....full time scores were a we have 2 five minute quarters of extra time, I don't think I can stand it!!
All over now, Collingwood has won ......the Eagles have had their wings clipped and the season for them is over....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Darn it !!

Tried to do a post last night....but for some reason blogger wasn't interested, now it won't even let me delete it (well whats left of it anyways!!) .....sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!! Ohhhh well, thats the way its been with me this last week, it hasn't been a good week. Emotions all over the place, tired and just "over it" !! So of course me being an emotional eater I had a few days where I fell off the wagon.....but I did manage to climb back on. Had a few real hectic and busy days at work too so along with the excersise I managed during the week I did manage a loss of 200grams...bringing my weight to 69.4.

yayyyyyyyyyyy finally got blogger working properly.
Apparently they had an outage......

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weighed in tonight

Decided as we had a special dinner for Fathers Day tonight....and tomorrow night I have an appointment with my Dr at my usual weigh in time .... I would weigh in tonight rather than miss it altogether or weigh Tuesday. I have also joined in on a "At Goal" challenge and want to start off the week on a good foot!! I have had a bit of a bad week, had a few problems with Shawn and I have had the flu and had to take time off work to recover...felt really blahhhhh!! So not a lot of excersise has been done, I haven't made a lot of wise choices with my food, although I haven't over-indulged either. This week its back into it ... and I have decided to make a real effort for a month and lose the extra kilo's I gained on holiday plus even have a go at getting down to my personal goal. In just over 6 weeks I head off to Melbourne to see my darling daughter and I have a big get together with some of my dear friends on the "At Home" forum. Gotta look my bestest!!
Anyways weigh in tonight was 69.6......I stayed the same!!

Happy Fathers Day Poppy.....

The boys called around today to wish their Dad a Happy Day....and of course we got to spoil the grandies, bonus that is ehhh?? Little Ashlee turned 3 while we were up north on holidays so we were able to pamper her a bit extra today too, haven't been able to before now as she has been sick with the flu.
Also got some exciting news today as well.....Paul is to be a Daddy again, Luke, Caitlin and Ashlee will have a little brother or granchild #10 is on the way !!!