Sunday, August 29, 2010


Its Sunday arvo already...the weekend has just flown by. Mum rang up during the week and said a friend might be travelling up to Perth for the weekend and if he did could she travel up and be dropped off here and stay the weekend with us. I got home from work on Friday afternoon just as she was being dropped that was lovely. Poor dear wasn't feeling 100%, she had a tummy upset and had to stop on the way up and be sick. Anyways a big cuddle and a little tlc and she was fine.

Saturday was Shawns access visit...he had the visit here from 11am to 5pm thou this time he only had 3 of the 4..the eldest boy had previous arrangement so Shawn will get a visit later with him. The kids were great...they had a ball with their Daddy....he misses them so. They are growing so fast...espesially little Kaleb. The girls despite the 3 year age difference get on really well and play well together. Hannah rang me Friday and was saying DCP is going for another 2 year court order for the kids....Shawn will be devastated..I think its just sux !! They need to be home with Hannah, all 4 kids together ! Right, Hannah is lax in the housecleaning and some health issues and needs to be more disiplined with the kids BUT why can't she have the kids back and be monitored more...she loves those kids and they need that security. What is happening with them can't be good for them..and definetly not another 2 years of it. She has approached her lawyer/legal aide and is going to protesting this situation.

Shawn hasn't heard about this yet...he will not be happy either and hopefully he'll approach his lawyer/legal aide too.

Today took mum shopping...she knits, cotchets and embroiders so she was able to stock up on those things. Was driving home with lunch when hubby rang to say her ride was 40 minutes away so we arrived home in time to have a quick cuppa and some lunch.

Alls going well food and excersise wise ready for wi in next week....and I am also happy to announce that I lost 800g last week not 500g. Was reading my weigh in book and this group records 2 weights in our book...the scale weight which is then rounded out closest to the kilo if I lost 800g like I did, it goes back to the 500g and if I lost 400g it would be rounded up to the 500g. I like the 2 weights recorded....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going down.....

Last Thursday was my first weigh in at my new meeting. Up till Sunday night I was going really well, was totally in control of my eating and felt good within myself. Sunday night insomnia kicked in and I had a horror night....layed awake most of the night tossing and turning then Monday was full on at work, we were really busy and the carrots that I had to grade were absolute shit making my job harder than what it should have been. That night I was hungry and although I stayed within my points I found myself snacking. Monday night I had another night of insomonia and Tuesday was yet another busy day at work...packing brocolli most of the day. (My back still aches!!) That night I started the snacking again craving sweets and did go over my points. I ended up going to bed early with a sleeping tablet. Wednesday morning I woke after a good nights sleep, managed a walk but it was a real effort....and today I am still battling, think the loss of sleep and extra hard start to the week has knocked me for a sixer.
Anyways on Sunday we had a lovely visit from Simon and Tracey on their way back from Dunsborough where they had been staying for a few days celebrating my grandson Tommy's 4th birthday and also doing some more wedding plans. Yep...another wedding happening for the family next year...a week after we arrive home from our Tassie holiday. Anyways Simon and tribe lit up the bbq and we had all had lunch and Tommy opened up his pressie and he and the other kids ran amok for a few hours, was really great to see them.

Anyways it is getting late for finish this cuppa and head to bed....guess it will be another busy day at the farm.

ohhhh I lost 500g tonight...happy with that with all the "snacks" I was's to another good week ......

Friday, August 20, 2010

Home again

My girl Kylee, took this at a small park at Callista, really love this pic !
The Spirit of Tasmania taken from the Skydeck...looking forward to travelling on this in early February next year.

Taken from the Eureka Skydeck ...taken just before sunset..

Me and my man at Kylee's ... Kylee took this picture sitting at her dining table

Had a wonderful time with our girl in Melbourne....the weather was cold, wet and windy but we coped. Ted wasn't feeling the best, he has had the flu now for over a month....but he really enjoyed the days with our daughter, they went by so quickly...tooo quickly! Kylee and Stephen kept us busy, our feet hardly touched the ground. Had a lovely drive up into the Dandenongs, went out to Sovereign Hill at Ballarat, the museum, the Eureka tower, tram trips around the city and lots of eating out. Kylee's new house is very nice and work on the garden has started....heaps of work to do to get it the way they like it...but it all takes time. By the time we go back at the end of January we should see a huge difference.
All the eating out made the scales go up....but no matter, working on getting it off yet again. I started at my new meeting last night...the group of lifetimers, plus men & women who can't afford ww weekly was a great meeting, more relaxed and a less structured so I am looking forward to going back next week.
I bought the latest Annette Syms cookbook while over there....some awesome recipes in it that I am hoping to try out this weekend. Kylee wanted to try her eating plan out as she has a lot of weight to lose, her Dr recomends she see a dietian and try to lose weight before she starts trying for children so I bought her the book too. Poor love has really struggled big time with her weight since moving, what with homesickness, the the pill/implant and some depression. She lost some for her wedding but has put that back on plus some since moving into their new house, thats shows how contented she is I guess.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday night again....

....and that means my weigh in night....loss of 500 grams ... yay for me coz this week I had to stay focused. I did lose the plot mid week....but managed to turn it around and get back on track. Now hopefully I don't lose the plot all together when I head to Melbourne on Thursday. Dear daughter has a full 4 days mapped out for us so by the sounds of it our feet aren't going to be touching the ground much. Included in those days are a lot of eating out. Ahhh well enjoy myself I will....and I'll deal with any gain when I get back. My girlfriend and I have joined up with a off-spin of ww's and I'll be going to those meetings when I get back. What it is is a group of "lifers" (lifetime members) who have gained and don't want to go to a ww every week and pay fee's weekly. So they have started up this meeting where we can get together, weigh, talk and inspire & support one another which sounds great to me for a small fee which will pay for our coffee ! I will just attend my proper ww meeting once a month to record my weight there.
The photo above was taken of me 12 months ago up in the Northern Territory weighing what I weigh now.....I still have over 8 kilo's to get back to goal...just as did 12 months ago.....mmmmm maintaining ehhhh????
Last day of work for me tomorrow, Wednesday will be for organising myself, packing and a little pampering...a haircut & colour.
See ya on my return from Melbourne.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Happy Birthday

One of my little grandaughters turned 6 on Monday.

Before I went to weigh in I went down and gave her our pressie...she loved the watch and necklace with her name on it we gave her (even if the watch was too big !! ) .... thou wasn't too happy about getting clothes.

Ashlee is such a little cutie...she has such the cheekiest grin....

She is so tiny and petite but boyyyyyyy you should have seen her devour her Dora birthday cake !

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Weigh in was last night and I stayed the same! Better than a gain I know...but it should have been a loss! If I hadn't had that mini binge during the week it would have been...grrrrrrrrrr !! But on saying that I think I have lost inches as my clothes seem to be looser. Must do a measure.
This week I am making a real effort to stay totally on track....and excersise more. This morning I managed to get up earlier and go out walking. I love my dvd but nothing beats getting outside and actually walking, the mornings are crisp and its enough to get me moving ! And the mornings are getting lighter too so I am not walking in the dark.
Hubby is sick with the flu and having a few days off, so that makes it easier for me to get out as well. Keeping fingers crossed he doesn't pass the disease on to me, but he has had it for over 2 weeks now.
I am concentrating more on satisfying foods this week....foods to fill me up so I don't snack.
Looking around at work today I noticed that I am the biggest one there. All the girls there are Asian...(Korean, Hong Kong, Tiwanese, Vietnamese) and are soo tiny...the biggest would be a small size 8 !! I feel like a giant.