Sunday, August 29, 2010


Its Sunday arvo already...the weekend has just flown by. Mum rang up during the week and said a friend might be travelling up to Perth for the weekend and if he did could she travel up and be dropped off here and stay the weekend with us. I got home from work on Friday afternoon just as she was being dropped that was lovely. Poor dear wasn't feeling 100%, she had a tummy upset and had to stop on the way up and be sick. Anyways a big cuddle and a little tlc and she was fine.

Saturday was Shawns access visit...he had the visit here from 11am to 5pm thou this time he only had 3 of the 4..the eldest boy had previous arrangement so Shawn will get a visit later with him. The kids were great...they had a ball with their Daddy....he misses them so. They are growing so fast...espesially little Kaleb. The girls despite the 3 year age difference get on really well and play well together. Hannah rang me Friday and was saying DCP is going for another 2 year court order for the kids....Shawn will be devastated..I think its just sux !! They need to be home with Hannah, all 4 kids together ! Right, Hannah is lax in the housecleaning and some health issues and needs to be more disiplined with the kids BUT why can't she have the kids back and be monitored more...she loves those kids and they need that security. What is happening with them can't be good for them..and definetly not another 2 years of it. She has approached her lawyer/legal aide and is going to protesting this situation.

Shawn hasn't heard about this yet...he will not be happy either and hopefully he'll approach his lawyer/legal aide too.

Today took mum shopping...she knits, cotchets and embroiders so she was able to stock up on those things. Was driving home with lunch when hubby rang to say her ride was 40 minutes away so we arrived home in time to have a quick cuppa and some lunch.

Alls going well food and excersise wise ready for wi in next week....and I am also happy to announce that I lost 800g last week not 500g. Was reading my weigh in book and this group records 2 weights in our book...the scale weight which is then rounded out closest to the kilo if I lost 800g like I did, it goes back to the 500g and if I lost 400g it would be rounded up to the 500g. I like the 2 weights recorded....


  1. How special having a surpirse visit from your mum:-)

    I agree totally with you re Shawn & Hannahs kids. Rather than take them away like that, the authorities should be helping Hannah cope and do everything they can to keep the family together.

  2. congrats on the weight loss and I'm glad you had some special time with your mum :)


  3. Such gorgeous kids, I hope like hell they get to go back to their Mum and be all together as they should be.
    How lovely to have such a nice visit with your Mum too!
    Excellent results with the weigh in.. I think they should just record what you actually lost, not round up or down... I've never heard of any weight loss group doing that before!

  4. Thanks sweetie for the email... didn't realise you hadn't got my reply.... I did reply... don't know where it went if you didn't get it.
    I am thrilled to bits that you like the cards, and it was nice of your Mum to say there were nice too.
    I do love to make them, and try to make them look extra lovely!
    Anyway, sorry you didn't get my email reply? Must be lost in cyberspace, or off to someone else! Derrrr.... knowing me I sent it to the Pope! lol

  5. Thanks Chris...just checked my spam and junk mail but can't find reply, so maybe the pope did get it ehhh, lol ... but no matter you know I got them now.
    I have never heard of any other weight loss group rounding out weights either, but I don't mind...I record my real weight loss on here and thats all that matters to that they are a great group and I enjoy the meetings.

  6. What is that the little girl has on your Mum's face...a feather?
    I agree too.....she should have the kids back with more supervision...I just can't work out how these departments think sometimes!!