Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Weigh in was last night and I stayed the same! Better than a gain I know...but it should have been a loss! If I hadn't had that mini binge during the week it would have been...grrrrrrrrrr !! But on saying that I think I have lost inches as my clothes seem to be looser. Must do a measure.
This week I am making a real effort to stay totally on track....and excersise more. This morning I managed to get up earlier and go out walking. I love my dvd but nothing beats getting outside and actually walking, the mornings are crisp and its enough to get me moving ! And the mornings are getting lighter too so I am not walking in the dark.
Hubby is sick with the flu and having a few days off, so that makes it easier for me to get out as well. Keeping fingers crossed he doesn't pass the disease on to me, but he has had it for over 2 weeks now.
I am concentrating more on satisfying foods this week....foods to fill me up so I don't snack.
Looking around at work today I noticed that I am the biggest one there. All the girls there are Asian...(Korean, Hong Kong, Tiwanese, Vietnamese) and are soo tiny...the biggest would be a small size 8 !! I feel like a giant.

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