Friday, July 30, 2010


....I AM my own worst enemy.
Last night I had a mini binge....well mini compared to what I can do. Why do I do this to myself, espesially when everything is going so well??? Now I have to right the damn wrong I did to myself. No exercise this morning....last night I suffered from "restless legs" and they were so sore this morning I didn't do my dvd. I think they must have moved miles in bed last night....they just didn't want to stay still.
Anyways today I have stayed 100% on track and realise that now I have to keep it that way if I want a loss on those demon scales on Monday night. And get lots of walks in this weekend...that'll help won't it?
Yes...I have to a be a friend to myself....


  1. Good luck with the demon scales!

  2. Yes - sometimes you feel like you need to give yourself an 'uppercut' - a phrase someone I knew used to use. Anyway you're back on track - well done! I'll be interested to see what my 'damage' is when I stand on the scales tomorrow morning after 4 weeks away!! Zxx