Wednesday, July 07, 2010


On Tuesday due to maintenance on my packing machine at work I got a day off work. Mum's birthday was on July 1st and I promised her an outing as soon as I could get a day off to get down. Was told at 4.30 on the Monday so I rang Mum and told her to be organised as I would be down by 9am the next day to take her be ready.

I managed to get a few chores done early Tuesday and managed to get on the road on time but due to a few road repairs along the way I did get held up and the 1.5 hour trip turned into a 2 hour trip...but never mind, I got there and found Mum tapping her foot on the doorstep.

Mum wanted to go down to Pemberton and visit a friend for lunch and also go and see Glouster Tree....we used to live down there when I was little and Dad used to be the fire lookout towerman of the tree. He was a local icon as dad lost his arm in a truck accident and even with the 1 arm he used to be able to climb that tree faster than anyone else. I would have loved to have climbed the tower for old times sake , but mum is scared of heights and I didn't want to leave her on the bottom watching me. Next time I go down there I will climb it as there is a article up in the tower of Dad, he was the longest serving towerman there.

After visiting the tower we drove down the street...and went browsing. Found a little op shop and found some treasures....a beautiful prada handbag, 3 bells, 2 crystal ones and a lovely blue willow one which I pounced on. I collect bells and blue it was a very rare find !!

Off to lunch where mums friend made us some lovely toastie sandwiches with a prawn salad....followed by fresh scones and a homemade jam.....very yummmmmmmmmmmo!

On the way back to mums we stopped at a gallery/winery and found some beautiful jewelery....I couldn't resist the thread amethyst earrings...another weakness of mine....

When we got back to her unit, she made me a coffee and I couldn't resist the 2 slices of apple cake she had about deeliceeecious !! It was a lovely day which I thoroughly enjoyed...a great outing and loved the one and one time with mum. Must try and keep on making time for these little outings with her.
Now I just have to try and get myself back on the straight and narrow...far too many points consumed yesterday...ahhhhhhhhh well mum is worth it !!


  1. You had a lovely outing indeed. Love the wee bells and handbag! SCORE!

  2. You live in such a special part of Aust. We loved our trip there!

    Lucky you having a mum still about to share times with:-)

  3. Sounds like you both had a lovely day and love the goodies you foundxxxxx