Saturday, July 24, 2010


....has been a busy one. I had a sleep in this morning then went for a long walk. Ahhh the walk was good as I had not managed one all week. After the walk and breakkie I raced into town and picked up the above from the framers....I think she did a fantastic job. The bouquet is in a shadow box...and the pics are just framed and I think its looks really spiffy !! Ted is going to hang it for me tomorrow.
After picking up the frame made a quick dash throu the supermarket and threw a few things into my basket for lunch for Shawns kids...they were due at 12 and were going to be visiting till 5pm. from the supermarket I had to pass the Pandora shop.....sssssssssssshhhhhhh I poppred in very quickly and snuck home another couple of charms....a cute little Teddy bear (for darling hubby Ted) and my birth stone (amethyst) plus another little purple bead.
Lunch went down a treat....they love frankfurts...between the 4 of them they demolished 2 packets. Little Kaleb only managed one...but he's only a little baby.....who by the way is now up and running. They are growing sooooo quickly.

The 2 little boys spent ages playing on this little bike that was given to me for the kiddies. Kaleb wasn't too impressed with having to share with his 11 month older brother.....
Anyways another sucessful visit for Shawn.....the kids just did not want to go home !!


  1. wow Jen, the photos and flowers are beautiful. You deserve your your charms too.


  2. Love the photos of your daughter's wedding.
    Thank gawd Shawn is coming right and his kids are so cute.

  3. Love all the photos, the wedding ones are gorgeous.

    Enjoy the charms:-)

  4. love the photo Jen, the framer did a wonderful job. So glad the kiddies had a fun filled visit there all growing so much, lovely little things they are, love the pics from the day xxx

  5. Lovely, love photos. Makes me wish I had my own wedding photos to frame (because unfortunately, I don't).