Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 12

Postscript Monday Evening.....Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.....just weighed in, its not good at all...over 3 bloody kilo's.......

Tomorrow night is week 12 weigh in....and its not going to be a very pretty one at all. I am really frustrated at myself, the last 2 weeks all I have done is yoyo...pig out for a few days then the next 2 days go the other way and have 16 to 18 point days. Not good at all. Mood swings, hot flushes and all those crappy menopausal things haven't helped....but hey got no-one to blame for it but myself....I should know better, I have been going to ww long enough to know what to do, obviously a lesson I haven't learnt well enough yet !!
Anyways have made up a grid on "my weight" ....and after the weigh in tomorrow night it will be onwards and downwards.....and knowing me a few sidesteps and backwards ones too.....but I'll be trying.
Shawn had Kaleb yesterday for his catch up access visit with him....all went well he said. Kaleb at first was wary of him and a bit of a "sook" but thats Kaleb anyways. Kaleb lives in a foster home with some teenagers who love to spoil and carry him around.
Hannah has also been told to prepare a cot for him has soon he will be starting to have a few overnight stays with her to get him weaned into being going back fulltime...about bloody time I recon too !! Hope she can cope....I worry about those kids so much, how is this all going to affect them later on in life....??


  1. im hearin ya hun, i have a love hate relationship with the weight loss yoyo! love the idea of the grid though, will be great to visualise your progress.

    Its great to hear there making the first steps to get the grandies back with mum and that Shaun had a nice visit with the lil one, lets hope all goes well and during the separation Hannah has learnt a few coping stratagies xxxxx

  2. Hang in there Jen. Just think where we all would be if we stopped trying. There's an awful lot going on in your life at the moment don't forget. And hey we mothers never stop worrying. Lots of hugs. xxxx

  3. I can feel your frustration. But don't worry, just hang in there. The rewards to everything are always great.