Sunday, November 25, 2012

Now thats over.....

Now I am in the clear, I can stop the stressing, stop the emotional eating and get my weight under control. Since the first recall back for mammograms I have some good days, some bad days and some goddamn awful days...but now this weekend is almost over its time to get myself under control. I have celebrated too well these past few days. 
I know, I know, I say it over and over...but hey one of these days, hopefully this time around,  I will manage to do it. Its a matter of having weight has gone up to an all time high...I have hit the 80's, a good 10 kilo's plus over my goal weight. My goal is to get under 80 by Christmas...small steps...just small steps...

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I am HAPPY....
Yesterday I had my ultrasound. On it they could see the mass in my breast was a cyst, but because it had some "white" spots through it they decided to give me a fine needle aspiration and drain the cyst, which they did, and have sent it off to pathology. The Dr that drained it said not to worry as he is 98% sure it is benign and the "white" spots showing in it is more than likely caused through my thyroid condition. My Dr will ring me on Monday and tell me the results.
Hubby and I went out for dinner last night and celebrated.

ohhh boy am I glad that is all over.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Today I heard from Global Diagnostics and my ultrasound is next Friday...the earliest they can fit me in as IF I have to have a fine needle aspiration I have to time and technicians allocated for that.  I could go to Mandurah ( 40 minutes up the road) and have a ultrasound there tomorrow BUT if I do that and I need the aspiration I have to come back and get yet another referral for that.....SO I WAIT!!  Dr has told me there is every chance I will need the aspiration as it has to show up 100% cyst for them not too.....

Thursday, November 08, 2012

So whats been happening?

phewww well not a great deal really....though to a stress pot like me, a lot.

I finally, after 2 close friends got diagnosed with breast cancer went for my mammogram. They say its been quite a few years since I have been in there....and to tell the honest truth I can't remember when I did go, remiss of me I know ....maybe I have a blog entry. Anyways...the first mammograms came back inconclusive, so went back for another lot a week later. Another phone call to say those ones said right breast okay, come in we need to take more pics of the left one, something in behind the nipple is not right. A phone call on Monday tells me there is definetely a mass behind the nipple and they tell me not to worry but all my paperwork and scans have been sent to my Dr and they want him to refer me to get a ultrasound done. Please don't worry they can you not worry !!

The pictures above are how I am coping. I love the beach, must have something to do with being a Pisces, coz as soon as step foot on the beach I just chill. The sounds of the waves just calms I walk Shera and I leave there refreshed. I have deferred Curves for a while till this is solved and when I am not walking with my girlfriend I will be getting my excersise here.

Eating, well thats been hit and miss....somedays good, others seems to be evenings that I just want to eat all my problems away.