Thursday, November 15, 2012

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Today I heard from Global Diagnostics and my ultrasound is next Friday...the earliest they can fit me in as IF I have to have a fine needle aspiration I have to time and technicians allocated for that.  I could go to Mandurah ( 40 minutes up the road) and have a ultrasound there tomorrow BUT if I do that and I need the aspiration I have to come back and get yet another referral for that.....SO I WAIT!!  Dr has told me there is every chance I will need the aspiration as it has to show up 100% cyst for them not too.....


  1. Oh dear... waiting is the worst thing too :( Stay positive :D

  2. I am so behind... not sure what you are talking about... but hang in there Chick.

  3. Sorry I must have missed your previous post - thinking of you and sending heaps of positive energy your way !!!! I know how hard waiting is - every time we wait for results for my Dad it is so hard.
    I truly hope that all is OK - take care and just do the best that you can.
    Lotsa hugs