Friday, July 30, 2010


....I AM my own worst enemy.
Last night I had a mini binge....well mini compared to what I can do. Why do I do this to myself, espesially when everything is going so well??? Now I have to right the damn wrong I did to myself. No exercise this morning....last night I suffered from "restless legs" and they were so sore this morning I didn't do my dvd. I think they must have moved miles in bed last night....they just didn't want to stay still.
Anyways today I have stayed 100% on track and realise that now I have to keep it that way if I want a loss on those demon scales on Monday night. And get lots of walks in this weekend...that'll help won't it?
Yes...I have to a be a friend to myself....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday night.... weigh in night. Very happy to report I lost 500g. Totaly rapt with that as its been a week of very little excersise..thou did a bit of physical work which is something that I don't get to do very much. This week my pledge to myself is that if I don't have to start work earlier than normal (which I had to a few days last week to work on the potato harvester) I will do my accelerated walking dvd before I leave. Its a great workout and I find it gives me just as much of a workout as I would get actually out walking.
Right onwards now....tomorrow is the start of another week, and I am looking forward to having another good week...

Saturday, July 24, 2010


....has been a busy one. I had a sleep in this morning then went for a long walk. Ahhh the walk was good as I had not managed one all week. After the walk and breakkie I raced into town and picked up the above from the framers....I think she did a fantastic job. The bouquet is in a shadow box...and the pics are just framed and I think its looks really spiffy !! Ted is going to hang it for me tomorrow.
After picking up the frame made a quick dash throu the supermarket and threw a few things into my basket for lunch for Shawns kids...they were due at 12 and were going to be visiting till 5pm. from the supermarket I had to pass the Pandora shop.....sssssssssssshhhhhhh I poppred in very quickly and snuck home another couple of charms....a cute little Teddy bear (for darling hubby Ted) and my birth stone (amethyst) plus another little purple bead.
Lunch went down a treat....they love frankfurts...between the 4 of them they demolished 2 packets. Little Kaleb only managed one...but he's only a little baby.....who by the way is now up and running. They are growing sooooo quickly.

The 2 little boys spent ages playing on this little bike that was given to me for the kiddies. Kaleb wasn't too impressed with having to share with his 11 month older brother.....
Anyways another sucessful visit for Shawn.....the kids just did not want to go home !!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 2

Tonight was weigh in night...after my horror 2 weeks, I was hoping that after a entire week on track I would have a loss this week. I was happy to see the numbers go down and record a loss of 2.3 !! Now here's hoping I can duplicate this last week this coming week. I will be trying thats for sure. i will be definetly working on it. Excersise is my key...and I have been trying every morning to do 20 minutes of my accelerated walking dvd, looks like it has helped. On the weekend my g/f and I walk both days....over an hour on Saturday delivering pamplets and an on the Sunday a 45 to an hour walk, depending on what we have on.
On Saturday I went shopping earlier than normal and found the new jewellers open in my shopping center. They are the agents for Pandora....and I have been promising myself one for years, so I walked in and looked around and above is what I bought. I would have loved the combination gold/silver bracelet but that was too many $$'s with our holiday only a month away...but when this one is full I hope to have the dollars then. On Saturday with hubby's blessing I am buying 2 more charms.
Nothing else much happening. Shawn is going okay...he applied for a job, had an interview and is going to start soon on a trial I said it is up to him to rove what he is capable of. He came out here on Thursday evening and I noticed he had some cannabis. He told me he doesn't have to go to court monthly or have his urinalis tests anymore. What a shame I told him as they did keep him under some control. Also told him if he goes back to what he was like before I will wipe my hands on him....and I mean it. He has worked so hard to become a better person and has found Shaz and happiness again...would love to see him grow from there, not slide backwards and become that horrid useless person again.
Kylee rang on the weekend and wanted to know if I was interested in travelling overseas with her and some friends next year. Definetly I want to go....just don't want to go to Bali. We are talking Thailand, Figi, Singapore or Hong Kong. With my daughters love of tigers methinks we will end up in Thailand.
Anyways off outta here, early night for me tonight and I still have some scrabble games to play on Facebook.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 12

Postscript Monday Evening.....Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.....just weighed in, its not good at all...over 3 bloody kilo's.......

Tomorrow night is week 12 weigh in....and its not going to be a very pretty one at all. I am really frustrated at myself, the last 2 weeks all I have done is yoyo...pig out for a few days then the next 2 days go the other way and have 16 to 18 point days. Not good at all. Mood swings, hot flushes and all those crappy menopausal things haven't helped....but hey got no-one to blame for it but myself....I should know better, I have been going to ww long enough to know what to do, obviously a lesson I haven't learnt well enough yet !!
Anyways have made up a grid on "my weight" ....and after the weigh in tomorrow night it will be onwards and downwards.....and knowing me a few sidesteps and backwards ones too.....but I'll be trying.
Shawn had Kaleb yesterday for his catch up access visit with him....all went well he said. Kaleb at first was wary of him and a bit of a "sook" but thats Kaleb anyways. Kaleb lives in a foster home with some teenagers who love to spoil and carry him around.
Hannah has also been told to prepare a cot for him has soon he will be starting to have a few overnight stays with her to get him weaned into being going back fulltime...about bloody time I recon too !! Hope she can cope....I worry about those kids so much, how is this all going to affect them later on in life....??

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


On Tuesday due to maintenance on my packing machine at work I got a day off work. Mum's birthday was on July 1st and I promised her an outing as soon as I could get a day off to get down. Was told at 4.30 on the Monday so I rang Mum and told her to be organised as I would be down by 9am the next day to take her be ready.

I managed to get a few chores done early Tuesday and managed to get on the road on time but due to a few road repairs along the way I did get held up and the 1.5 hour trip turned into a 2 hour trip...but never mind, I got there and found Mum tapping her foot on the doorstep.

Mum wanted to go down to Pemberton and visit a friend for lunch and also go and see Glouster Tree....we used to live down there when I was little and Dad used to be the fire lookout towerman of the tree. He was a local icon as dad lost his arm in a truck accident and even with the 1 arm he used to be able to climb that tree faster than anyone else. I would have loved to have climbed the tower for old times sake , but mum is scared of heights and I didn't want to leave her on the bottom watching me. Next time I go down there I will climb it as there is a article up in the tower of Dad, he was the longest serving towerman there.

After visiting the tower we drove down the street...and went browsing. Found a little op shop and found some treasures....a beautiful prada handbag, 3 bells, 2 crystal ones and a lovely blue willow one which I pounced on. I collect bells and blue it was a very rare find !!

Off to lunch where mums friend made us some lovely toastie sandwiches with a prawn salad....followed by fresh scones and a homemade jam.....very yummmmmmmmmmmo!

On the way back to mums we stopped at a gallery/winery and found some beautiful jewelery....I couldn't resist the thread amethyst earrings...another weakness of mine....

When we got back to her unit, she made me a coffee and I couldn't resist the 2 slices of apple cake she had about deeliceeecious !! It was a lovely day which I thoroughly enjoyed...a great outing and loved the one and one time with mum. Must try and keep on making time for these little outings with her.
Now I just have to try and get myself back on the straight and narrow...far too many points consumed yesterday...ahhhhhhhhh well mum is worth it !!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Name me....

Miss Piggy.....
I have had a horror week, starting at the beginning of the week with the worry of the DCP meeting then continuing on....
I'd try at the beginning of each day to stay focused, but by the end of the day I would fall off the rails....
Not helping matters is those damn menopausal hot flushes have decided to come back...not a excuse I know but they certainly haven't helped me at all.
Anyways today I have managed to get my head in the right place and got myself back on track. Fingers crossed that I can stay that way...I will be trying.
Definetly won't be weighing in on Monday thou....BUT I will go to my meeting thou, gotta stay focused.
Had DCP visit this morning and we were questioned/assessed on our parenting ..... and they were very impressed in us and our answers. Have been told we may have our 1st respite visit next weekend. We were so close in deciding to take her on fulltime when they told us they were having trouble finding somewhere suitable....we may yet take her on fulltime till they do. Don't know yet, been teary on and off since the meeting, poor kids, its so not fair!! Did ask if it was possible she go with one of her brothers, or possibly even home to Hannah, the answer was a definite no!
Thankfully Shawn is on the right track and working towards recovery....hopefully he'll get it together before Hannah and get the kids. A start this coming weekend when he has a access visit with Kaleb at HIS house, supervised by a carer but its a start.....