Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane....

Later on this morning I am leaving for Melbourne, with my DIL Tanya, to spend nearly a week with dear daughter. Was meant to fly with Tiger....but luckily I am receiving my money back so re-booked with Jetstar....coming home Virgin. Change of schedule gave us a extra 2 days :-) which is great.
The other day I had a terrible eating day, don't know what got into me but I binged soooooo much that when I went to bed my stomach was cramping and was so sore...and it stayed like that all night. I think I have learnt my lesson....I will NEVER EVER do that again....the pains were too bad!!!
I had been having the grandies a fair bit these last few weeks...I am loving that. Missing Simon & Tracey's 4 thou....I haven't seen them since the wedding in March.  I haven't even seen their wedding pics. Don't know whats happening there....life has been busy for them I know with house renovations and kids activities. I won't go up there unless invited .... gone up there before unannounced  and been they have been out, or on the way out,  so don't do that anymore...
Weighing in this morning before I fly.....don't think it will good after the other night.
Weigh in....better than I thought...a stay the same...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Grandies sleepover

While Mum and Dad (Paul & Tanya) had a much needed night out together I had their gorgeous kids overnight. I might be biased but hey grandparents are allowed to be ehhhh?
Matty is such a delight, full on the whole time...never still. He disappeared up to his Pop after dinner...and Ted said he was sitting on my computer chair chatting away then all was quiet....looking over this is what he saw.
This little cutie is as cheeky as they come....and will push you to the max just to see how far you'll go before you say "no" and mean it...espesially with Mum!! 
And this one is Caitlin, a real mother hen...always the first one in to give a helping hand. Very active and willing to give everything a go. Just started netball this year, never played before but is a natural.

Yup...I am one proud Jenna....

Thursday, July 14, 2011



On Wednesday after work we went in and picked up the car. All the work had been done and all we had to do was transfer our insurance over from the old to the new....and we were on our way home. Hubby drove it halfway, then pulled over and I drove it home. What a delight it is....and ohhhhhh I wish I could bottle the new car smell.
Have named her Rexie....

Now its save the $$'s again....as the next stage of my renovations are being done, have the cabinet maker coming next week to give me a quote on the work I want done in the kitchen.

Weigh in was as I expected, a gain...but luckily only a minor one of a 100grams.

Right, am off to organise the house for tomorrow, I work tomorrow afternoon and on the way home at 5pm I am picking up 3 of the grandies for a sleepover. Looking forward to that....as are Paul & Tanya, they rarely have a night to themselves.

p.s. Rexie was the name I chose...BUT it didn't go too well or seem to suit the car sooooo I have changed it to Xara...which I like lots more, more sophisticated :-)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brand New

xr6 Falcon

On Wednesday I take possession of a brand spanking new Falcon xr6!
I have NEVER EVER owned a brand new car!!
It is very similar  colour to the one shown above. Its is a colour called Edge, a dark grey but with a metallic blue throu it, looks quite stunning I think.
I have been celebrating so don't think the scales are going to like me much this week, what with Kylee's bad news and then this...my emotions I eat !!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I am sad

Kylee has been undergoing tests lately as she and hubby have been trying to have a baby for awhile now to no avail. Last week she had blood tests and she received the results to day from her Doctor...it wasn't good. She may have polycystic ovarian syndrome, she has a high thyroid levels and if she doesn't change her lifestyle she could end up with diabetes 2, she shows signs of it already.

I feel so much for her...just want to be there with her NOW !! She thinks her dream of having children has gone, she is heartbroken.
Kylee is a big girl, don't know how much she weighs, but she is a size 20/22 and carries most of her weight on her tummy. She hasn't always been overweight, it all started when she moved to Victoria to be with Stephen. She was only 18, was terribly homesick, with no money and no job...so ate to comfort herself.
I should be heading that way on the 27th...wellllllllll if Tiger Airways is flying then. Just waiting to hear if they will be, I can't cancel my tickets (my daughter in law is coming with me) till they confirm they are not flying. I hope they let us know soon enough if they can't fly so I can re-book with another airline.

Despite all this...I managed to lose 900grams this week. I  have set a new record I think...7 weeks and 7 losses.