Thursday, July 14, 2011



On Wednesday after work we went in and picked up the car. All the work had been done and all we had to do was transfer our insurance over from the old to the new....and we were on our way home. Hubby drove it halfway, then pulled over and I drove it home. What a delight it is....and ohhhhhh I wish I could bottle the new car smell.
Have named her Rexie....

Now its save the $$'s the next stage of my renovations are being done, have the cabinet maker coming next week to give me a quote on the work I want done in the kitchen.

Weigh in was as I expected, a gain...but luckily only a minor one of a 100grams.

Right, am off to organise the house for tomorrow, I work tomorrow afternoon and on the way home at 5pm I am picking up 3 of the grandies for a sleepover. Looking forward to are Paul & Tanya, they rarely have a night to themselves.

p.s. Rexie was the name I chose...BUT it didn't go too well or seem to suit the car sooooo I have changed it to Xara...which I like lots more, more sophisticated :-)

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