Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I am sad

Kylee has been undergoing tests lately as she and hubby have been trying to have a baby for awhile now to no avail. Last week she had blood tests and she received the results to day from her wasn't good. She may have polycystic ovarian syndrome, she has a high thyroid levels and if she doesn't change her lifestyle she could end up with diabetes 2, she shows signs of it already.

I feel so much for her...just want to be there with her NOW !! She thinks her dream of having children has gone, she is heartbroken.
Kylee is a big girl, don't know how much she weighs, but she is a size 20/22 and carries most of her weight on her tummy. She hasn't always been overweight, it all started when she moved to Victoria to be with Stephen. She was only 18, was terribly homesick, with no money and no ate to comfort herself.
I should be heading that way on the 27th...wellllllllll if Tiger Airways is flying then. Just waiting to hear if they will be, I can't cancel my tickets (my daughter in law is coming with me) till they confirm they are not flying. I hope they let us know soon enough if they can't fly so I can re-book with another airline.

Despite all this...I managed to lose 900grams this week. I  have set a new record I think...7 weeks and 7 losses.


  1. So sorry to hear about Kylee - but I know that when you get there to support her you'll be able to help her work out a plan which will maximise her chances of having a baby - but such a terrible possibility to have to come to terms with - for both her and you. But you are going like a little express train - fantastic losses - me - I'm doing the 'I think I can, I think I can' - it is moving but oh so slowly!! Love Zxx

  2. Fingers crossed for Kylee that she can be helped to have the babies she wants. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.