Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane....

Later on this morning I am leaving for Melbourne, with my DIL Tanya, to spend nearly a week with dear daughter. Was meant to fly with Tiger....but luckily I am receiving my money back so re-booked with Jetstar....coming home Virgin. Change of schedule gave us a extra 2 days :-) which is great.
The other day I had a terrible eating day, don't know what got into me but I binged soooooo much that when I went to bed my stomach was cramping and was so sore...and it stayed like that all night. I think I have learnt my lesson....I will NEVER EVER do that again....the pains were too bad!!!
I had been having the grandies a fair bit these last few weeks...I am loving that. Missing Simon & Tracey's 4 thou....I haven't seen them since the wedding in March.  I haven't even seen their wedding pics. Don't know whats happening there....life has been busy for them I know with house renovations and kids activities. I won't go up there unless invited .... gone up there before unannounced  and been they have been out, or on the way out,  so don't do that anymore...
Weighing in this morning before I fly.....don't think it will good after the other night.
Weigh in....better than I thought...a stay the same...

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful week away Chick!