Monday, July 18, 2011

Grandies sleepover

While Mum and Dad (Paul & Tanya) had a much needed night out together I had their gorgeous kids overnight. I might be biased but hey grandparents are allowed to be ehhhh?
Matty is such a delight, full on the whole time...never still. He disappeared up to his Pop after dinner...and Ted said he was sitting on my computer chair chatting away then all was quiet....looking over this is what he saw.
This little cutie is as cheeky as they come....and will push you to the max just to see how far you'll go before you say "no" and mean it...espesially with Mum!! 
And this one is Caitlin, a real mother hen...always the first one in to give a helping hand. Very active and willing to give everything a go. Just started netball this year, never played before but is a natural.

Yup...I am one proud Jenna....


  1. And so you should be - what delightful looking children.

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