Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gotta stop...

this damn yoyo'ing…one week good the next week bad…and thats my fault. I have a great week, daily exercise, precise tracking, then the following week I relax bring in a few treats coz I have been good and "deserve" them, cut back the exercise and wham bam the scales tell me how damn silly I have been. Lucky this week the ww scales told me a stay the same (my scales say 300g gain) but either one tells me I haven't learnt my lesson. 
I know its not all about the numbers I see between my feet…but I also know this darn yoyo'ing I have been doing is not good at all!! Been doing it for too long now and thats another reason to stop it….its a habit I don't want to keep.
Right whine over…just get on and break that darn habit.

William and his walker. Just love that smile.
Been hoping to get up and see this little man, who is growing up way to quickly. He is nearly 6 months old now and I haven't seen him in what seems ages. The local aviation company had some cheap flights out last week but as fast as they came available they went…and I missed out. Now trying to talk hubby into taking me up there for a long weekend…its a 12 hour drive.Or if he can't I am seriously thinking of driving up there myself. I miss Kylee and the wee man. 
I talk to Kylee most days and she tells me what the little man is doing..he has mastered the walker very quickly and he follows her everywhere. Teeth are coming, red cheeks and dribble & drool most days. He loves his food and is trying to sit up on his own.
Now I am teary…distance is a pain….but know they need to be where they are for their own happiness. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What a week...

phewwww…..where to start.
Hubby's mother, who is 89 this August, had a fall a few months ago….and that resulted in a few cuts and grazes.  Silver chain had been going around there most days dressing them but despite all the care one of the cuts developed an infection and turned into a ulcer.  Doctor visits and antibiotics didn't help and Mum ended up in hospital and put on intravenous antibiotics for 5 days.
It seemed to help but mum was in a lot of pain, and stronger pain killers were given and she was sent home.  She had only been home for 2 days and she was in a pain still so off to the Drs we sent her. Dr wasn't happy and sent her off to a surgeon and he put her straight in hospital  as the surgeon decided to operate on the leg and cut out the infection that seemed to be growing in the ulcer. 
On the day of the operation I worked and a elderly lady collapsed in the shopping centre right where I was cleaning. I and one other lady were the only 2 who were first aid trained and knew how to do CPR…so we started. Security rang for an ambulance while the phone operator stayed on the phone to the security guard who put the phone on speaker while I and the other lady worked on the elderly lady till the ambulance and attendants arrived.  I can tell you it left me very shaken….and more so when I heard she didn't survive.
Luckily my mother in law came through the op real well. We visited her the next day…and walked into her room to her having had an emergency bleed on the leg. Mums BP plummeted  to a real low while a surgeon had to stem the bleeding vein with a few stitches.  Thankfully mum once again came through that real well.  She is still in hospital and staff say the leg is healing slowly.

A friend of mine who I met on the weight watchers online community threads many years ago (and met personally a few times) was in Bunbury on the weekend…so we managed a couple of hours together over breakfast and coffee. Was a great end to a tough week or so.
Through all this I managed to control my emotional eating more this week and at weigh in last night  I managed to lose 1.7…so that got rid of the 1.2 I put on last week. I don't think I will go to a morning weigh in again while I am weighing in in the evening…it mucked my weight on the scales right up.
I will leave you with a pic of me and Erica…while I go ring mum. The weather her today is damn cold, wet and windy so think we'll leave a visit to her till tomorrow. She knew I was working today so won't be expecting us. 
Erica and I 

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you and miss you so much. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think of you. You would be 84 today if you had lived. 13 years years you have been gone…wish you were still here. You would be so delighted with your little namesake William.
Rest in Peace my loveable larrikin.

Mummy and little William, aka Froggie.

C'mon Mummy and Daddy…this shopping thing is so boringggg….hurry up I need my cot!!
What a laid back lil man he is turning into.

Right, it hasn't been a bad week. 500g done this week. 10, 000 steps done every day last week, and thats my goal again this week. Had a touch of the miseries today, gone over points tonight but I needed that chocolate...