Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Another loss on Saturday, 600 grams...but then I fell off the wagon for 2 days.  Slowly dragging myself back on..
I am a emotional mess. It was the anniversary of our Paul's passing...4 years he has been gone, and I really crumbled this year.  

Monday, September 09, 2019

Just keep going

Lets face it, I am sure there are many of us who get impatient when it appears that all your dieting is for nothing. I know I do...I look in the mirror and see the same person, the muffin top over my jeans and the big bum!! 
I was taking regular pics of myself in bra's and knickers every month when I started Lazy Keto...and for a long time I couldn't notice any changes. But I eventually did...but now I am back to I can't see any more changes again, I just seem to be stuck in a rut!! I must do up a comparison chart, from the beginning to now. 
Anyhows this Saturday weigh I lost a kilo...it was an earlier than normal weigh in due to getting up early with the 17 month old. I was so happy to see the numbers down, but I ended up ruining the day that evening by celebrating too much and over indulging on a few no no foods!!  But yesterday I woke up and all focused again...and I am back on track!

I no longer have the tweenager granddaughter living here. Too many suspensions from school saw her spending those days with mother and now DCP says she refuses to come back here. As I told DCP why would she want to come back here, I have rules and Mum doesn't!!  Well she does, but tweenager doesn't listen and does what she wants. 

Best move my bum, had a few minutes so I hopped on here to update...now I must organise myself ready for an afternoon shift at work. 

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Plodding along....

Weigh in Saturday morning was a 100g loss!! 

Plod plod plodding along....
Life has been very busy, hasn't slowed down much at all....babysitting, tweenage and teenage kids, work, work....and sleepless nights with the little one who just won't sleep right through......well very little....


One thing we have done is bought ourselves a soft hot tub....
I can tell you nothing beats relaxing in this with a glass of wine once the little ones are in bed...its BLISS !!!