Thursday, March 29, 2018

Our new arrival...

Everyone....our little granddaughter is here....she arrived at 4.12am on the 27th March. 
Pleased to show you our Summer Rose. William is besotted with his little "SumSum" the name he affectionately calls her.  She is a real little doll.
Kylee got her natural birth that she was wishing for, no intervention at all, it was a quick and intense labour. Kylee had asked me to be with her during her labour, so I was there to encourage her and witness bub come into the world. I am truly blessed. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Just quickly..

Kylee has somehow gone past her due date... she now overdue.
Didn't expect that...we all expected her to go early!
Last few days she has had off and on cramps...then they surely bubba has to come soon...

Weigh in day yesterday, 800grams gone (that was for 2 weeks)

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Slowly I go....

Weigh in day today...a 200g gain on ww scales, 300g loss on mine, guess the day will come when they both will be the same. No matter if they don't...because I won't be forever going to ww meetings. Will see how the finances go after I come back from holidays, I may change to online for awhile till $'s mount up again.  
Very disappointed that I showed a gain on ww's. It's my first gain...and I am studying as to where I could have gone wrong ( I tracked every day). I actually thought I would have had a big loss as I was only over points for 1 day...the rest were spot on or under. Plenty of walks, heaps of active minutes. 
So my aim this week is to vary my diet a bit. Have different breakfasts and try out a few new recipes.  Should have a loss...have a colonoscopy on Tuesday...that means no grains or red meat tomorrow, fast on Monday ready for Tuesday.   Dear Daughter better not go into labour while I in hospital...well if she does at least I will be close, she going into the private hospital next door. 
Next Saturday weight watcher weigh in might not happen...I have an early shift that day and I don't know if I will make it to hop on scales. Will see what happens.

Right, daughter is here. There is a big fire in the next suburb....a lot of houses are without power including Kylee's. We are fine where we are, anyways we have solar power and work off the grid mostly. 

Kylee is over 38 weeks now....noticing baby is dropping. Come on baby, we are impatiently waiting.
Next Dr visit Monday unless bubba arrives before.