Sunday, January 29, 2006

My weekend

Been a difficult week

Welllll, last week I had a blinder, did everything so well, kept to my points and even saved points, excersised everyday for 45 minutes to an hour ...... but lost only 200 grams....
This week have been trying but its approaching that time of the month and yessssssss those cravings have kicked in. Doing my best to combat them....but heck knows what those scales are going to say on Tuesday night. Did soooooo much want to get to 75 kilo's by the end of February, even joined a challenge on the ww forum to do so, but it's going to be a struggle. But I am still trying......
Have been busy this weekend...painted the lounge and bedroom and even did some work in the garden.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I am half way there, last night weighed in and lost 1.2 kilo's......!!!!

My next mini goal is to lose 6.6 kilo's by the end of February, would like to be 75 kilo's when Kylee comes home for her 21st .... only 6 weeks away, achievable but will have to be on my best behaviour. Can I do it, I don't know, but by heck I will be trying !!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

As I thought....I gained !!!

Well after a horror weekend where I did eat a lot more than I should have, I did gain 200 grams .... not a lot but enough. Well look out next week, it's gonna go and hopefully a bit more.
Also going to have to control my emotional eating, thought when Hannah had the miscarriage I did have it under control but I didn't..I grazed and didn't even realise it until I had the food in my mouth !!!
Well I did say it was going to be a journey....didn't say it was gonna be easy.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Time for a cry

Number 3 son rang me last night...his partner who was nearly 12 weeks pregnant was bleeding. A rush trip was had to the emergency ward at the hospital...but it was not to be. Our little bub to be miscarried overnight. Son and partner are ok, disappointed of course, but both young and know there will be a next time.
I've had a cry....but have kept my emotions under control and haven't gone for food like I usually do....must be learning!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Well this morning, because I had a unexpected day off I went to weigh in instead of this evening. Wanted to find out what damage I had done on the 2 weeks break over chrissy and new year. Was hoping with all the excersise I had done...I walked 45 minutes to an hour just about every day including Christmas day....I would at least stay the same. The scales unbelievably said I had LOST 1.4 kilo's, I couldn't believe it !!!!! I'm off and running again....

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Wellllll I'm here to post on my blogger, but can't seem to get it working properly...........don't know whats happening or even if its going to work. Wanted to post a pic but the "thingies" are not on my posting box for me to do it !!!! Really I give up.
Anyways alls been going well, the excersise is great, been walking up to an hour a day. The food and point counting has been so-so, had my moments but haven't gone overboard. Weigh in on Tuesday evening...that WILL be the telling moment. Want to really get myself into gear again, daughter flies home on the 1st March for her 21st .... sooooooooooooooo want to be nearly at goal. Can I do it, nooooooooo I don't think so!!! I am 83.8 now (or was at my last weigh in before chrissy) ww goal is 68 .... so whats that, mmmmmmm, 13.8 kilo's to go. No, can't do that in 9 weeks....but geeeeee I'm going to be trying my best to get under 75 kilo's. Can I do it !!!!
I hope so!!!