Thursday, August 04, 2011


Happy cousins, Serena & Kylee
Kylee and her new addition to her household.....9 week old Shera
Maria & I and her little Nacho
Tan & I happy our team won !!
My girl & I at the footy game...dratted girl barracked for the other team !!!

Lovely rainbow in the city after the footy game

I had a wonderful time in Melbourne, it was soooooooo nice to see my girl again. She is looking happy despite the worries she has with her fertility. Having bought a puppy, the cutest little Retrieverdor they have named Shera has taken a lot of the stress away. Next week Kylee has a ultrasound and a few more blood tests so hopefully we'll know more then. But a big concern is her weight, they  (Kylee & hubby) really need to change their diets.

As you can see by a few pics I have put of the highlights of my trip was the footy and my beloved West Coast Eagles. The 1st half was great, they were winning by about 45 points, but in the second half the Bulldogs manned up and started playing man on man and boy did the Eagles get put under pressure. Made Tanya and I bite our nails there for a bit I can tell you..thought for a while we would lose...but they dug deep and showed they were the better side.

The Melbourne musuem and the Tutankhamun display was awesome. Kylee & Stephen bought the tickets to it for us as a surprise and wowww so happy they did. His story and his tomb with all its treasures has always fasinated me.

We did heaps of walking around the city and shopping centers, met up with my neice who was over in Melbourne too for a aromatherapy course and spent a day with her at the Victorian Markets and DFO stores browsing and catching up.  Also had a wonderful couple of hours with Maria. I met Maria online in 2005 on the ww boards and then personally back in 2006 when I flew over to see Kylee....and everytime I do visit my girl I try to catch up with her, she has been a wonderful friend.

Now I am back home, its back on track for me....Melbourne, the food, the lifestyle I lead whilst there does not agree with my weight. Over 3 kilo's gained in 6 days!! Back to the real world for me!!

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  1. I'm so glad you had such a lovely time visiting in Melbourne. Love your daughter's wee puppy!