Thursday, August 18, 2011

Having a break

On Wednesday it was weigh in day again....a gain of 700grams for me...not sure why as I thought I'd had a great week. Obviously not !!                                     Anyways thinking about it all and the very social week I have coming up I decided bugger it...I am going to have a break from weight watchers and just eat and enjoy. Know it isn't going to help the scales but at the moment  I just don't care !!!

Tommy and his birthday lego

This afternoon I headed up the hill to Simon & Tracey's to help Tommy celebrate his 5th birthday. I had a great arvo with Tommy and all 4 of the kids. Will see them all again Saturday evening as we head out to Ted's youngest brothers 50th birthday.
Tomorrow I have a girlfriend around for morning tea....then later on in the day have a cabinet maker coming around to look at see what renovations I want done to my kitchen and give me a quote. I am loving all the "new"  in my life.  After the kitchen is new flooring throu the living area's and then that should do us for a while.   Some rooms need a serious paint job, but that can wait.

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