Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Great Week

Me and Xara

Its been a great week. I have had my hair done and I love it, the colour the style and the ease of doing it. Got my personal number plates for the car...and have got my head in the right place and got myself back on track food & excersise wise. A loss of 1.7 this week sooo have 1.5 to get back to where I was before I left for Melbourne....then maybe I can get my shit together and lose the last 5 kilo's or so to get myself back into the 60's !!


  1. LOve the number plate:-)

    You are sounding so positive.

  2. Neat numberplate! You can have more letters than us obviously.

  3. Do love the numberplates and your hair looks great too. Glad everything is getting back on track for you.

  4. Fabulous Jen. Lots of positives there. You sound really happy. xxx