Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another week

Doog just lurves the new bedroom rugs

gee the weeks are flying by...already its the end of June, that means in 4 weeks time I will be in Melbourne.
Have had 4 days work last week, and another 4 this week, one is actually tonight which is a new shift to learn for me. I am enjoying it...even though it is "unskilled" work. I know that there are a few extra shifts coming up again soon too.
The new mattress has turned out to be soooo comfy and the changeover from the waterbed to it has been with no drama's. As you can see by the pic, my cat loves the new bedroom espesially the new rugs. Also loves that he can "hide" under the bed too !!
Tomorrow is my mum's birthday...she turns 82. I am hoping to make the trip down to see her, the weather this week here has been cold and wet with thunderstorms. A another front with more thunderstorms is due I am hoping it does arrive so the weather will be better for me for the drive tomorrow,  don't want to do the trip in a thunderstorm.
This weeks weigh showed another small loss....400grams.

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  1. another loss well done :) cat looks soooo content LOL :)

    hope you have a safe trip and the weather calms down for you..