Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Still smiling....

Shawn & Shayden
Shayden, with help from Kaleb, blows out his candles
Skye, Kaleb, Shayden & Jaydene playing on the tramp with Shawn

All is well in my world.
Had Shawn here on Saturday for his access with his kids...a few pics above. Shayden turned 3 a few days before his visit so of course the cake came out....think Kaleb blew the candles out 3 times before Shayden finally managed to beat him.  Shawn loves those kids...and at times he acts no older than them, its great to see.

Work is going okay. On Monday I started in Bunbury filling in for a friend, had a 6am left home at 5.30am, its pouring down with rain, & 10k's up the road I get pulled up for liciense & tyre check and breathalyser !!  Get to work, set up cleaning trolley and 1st job is center managers office. My biggest fear about that job was that the alarm there wouldn't disarm....guess didn't!! I get in the office, have 3 seconds to pin in the code, did that, it says do it again, do it again and the next thing is its making a hell of a racket....I freaked out!!!  Tried, and tried, and tried again...and finally it shut up! By this time I was a shaking mess!! Anyways got the offices done quickly, still shaky, armed the alarm with no trouble and went on with the rest of the jobs before I had to walk with security to open the doors at 8am.
At 9am I get a phone call asking if I can do an extra 2 hours and finish at 2pm instead of 12.  Phewwwwww 8 hours on my feet...and boy was I footsore, I wore the wrong shoes...
Anyways....I still enjoy the work, its so social and I love the fact that I can have interaction with other people, never had that out the farm.

Weight...loss of 900g this week, slowly getting back down. Still have 4 kilo's to go to get back to pre-holiday weight...I am hoping to get there by the end of July for my trip to Melbourne. Onwards and downwards.


  1. congrats on the loss. doesn't matter how slow it takes.. it's coming off :) well done Jen


  2. LOL at the shreiking alarm... it would have made me all hot and bothered too.
    Good steady loss mate.

  3. Woohoo - great weight loss - am so envious but you have obviously been putting in the hard yars while I on the other hand have not. Lovely photos too!