Sunday, June 19, 2011

Been Busy....

Have had a busy week, not that I am complaining. The two days a week I work leaves me the rest of the time to spend as I want. I look forward to extra shifts if I get them thou...I have a extra one on Thursday night.
My waterbed sprung a leak the other night, so some of my time has been spent shopping. Decided to get a "proper" mattress this time, one that will help both Ted and my back. We found a mattress that we both feel comfy on then decided what the heck and went looking and bought a whole new bedroom suite. I have never owned a brandnew bedroom suite.
Came home and looked at the crappy old carpet on the floor and decided to replace that too. Anyways the carpet has been ripped up, new carpet goes down tomorrow...and the new bedroom suite arrives on Thursday...would have loved it sooner but I work Tuesday & Wednesday's so no-one would be home. 
Now I get the chance to shop for new curtains, bedside lamps, clocks and rugs :-)
Next thing on the my kitchen. That was next on the list to be done, but I am too happy about the bedroom that I can wait a bit. I am ringing up tomorrow thou and getting someone to come and give me a estimated quote about what I want done.

Friday I had my little grandson Matthew for most of the day while Tanya went out for lunch with some friends. My cat usually runs and hides when the kids come, he is a very timid cat and hates the noise the kids make. Matthew found him and I was very surprised that he allowed Matty to cuddle him.

Matthew and my cat Doog

Weigh in last week saw 500g gone. Don't know how this week will go, have had a few hungry days...we'll wait and see.


  1. I'm not a 'cat' sort of person... but OMG the cat is gorgeous.. AND Matty too! *smiles*
    Oh and I do hope we are going to be shown the new furniture!

  2. What an absolutely fabulous photo - he's a real little heartbreaker isn't he? Well done on the 500g. Zxx

  3. LOL - isnt that the way with renovations and new furniture - it just keeps growing. Love the smile, it goes right to his eyes. Lovely little boy.