Thursday, June 09, 2011


Its another week and its been a quiet one. Just had a long weekend, Monday was Foundation Day,  but a boring one spent at home, was hoping Simon and Tracey would call in, they said they might....but we saw no-one and went nowhere. At least we were able to catch up on a few chores....well hubby did, I just pottered around doing not much at all. I thought a lot about Dad as it was his birthday last week, 10 years this year in October since he passed and ohhhh I still still miss him. He would be so proud of me I know. I promised him I would give up smoking and I managed that before he died and still haven't broken that promise. And I am still plodding away with my weight loss...he saw that yoyo over the years. I take after his side of the family, his sisters (my aunts) battled with their weight (and thyroid problems)constantly too.

Anyways must get off my butt....get some housework done and put the slow cooker on. I have work this arvo and a meeting tonight.

Ohhhh 400grams lost this week. My weight watchers "At Home" program runs out next week, and my consultant asked me to make the choice as to whether or not to continue on..or go it alone. I have learnt I can't do it on my own, I have failed too many times have decided to go ahead and keep the consultants up. Belinda, my consultant is great, she has helped me out so many times since my return from holidays....and I do so want to go over to Melbourne and see Kylee looking and feeling great.  So yep...the "good witch" hat is on....


  1. congrats on your loss hun xxx

  2. Good for you for persevering with the weight loss mate.

  3. You are doing so well with your WW....well done! I am being a miserable bloody failure lately....I am hoping I find my mojo soon:( I will visit you more often to get inspiration!

  4. I was originally on synthroid and levothroid, bad business. I tried bovine thyroid for 1 month and WOW have I responded well!