Sunday, June 12, 2011


Me & my man (Ted) taken at Kylee's wedding

Today is our 30th anniversary. Even thou we didn't get marrried till the kids were older, we have lived together for the 30 years. Can honestly say we have been totaly happy together & can count the amount of serious fights on my fingers, we rarely fight thankfully, I hate conflict!!
Love ya hun xx


  1. Happy anniversary to you both - may you have many more together Zxx

  2. Very happy anniversary to you both too.. you have great reasons to celebrate :)


  3. Congratulations - that's a real milestone:-)

  4. Stew and I are like you, didn't get married quite right away... but did after a couple of years and a baby (and I already had 4 from my first marriage too!)... so we've been together 26 years and like you have had hardly any fights worth noting. Maybe 1 where I slept on the couch cos I was cross with him! It's neat eh when you and your hubby love each other and get on so well !
    I'm so glad you have such a lovely marriage too.