Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going down.....

Last Thursday was my first weigh in at my new meeting. Up till Sunday night I was going really well, was totally in control of my eating and felt good within myself. Sunday night insomnia kicked in and I had a horror night....layed awake most of the night tossing and turning then Monday was full on at work, we were really busy and the carrots that I had to grade were absolute shit making my job harder than what it should have been. That night I was hungry and although I stayed within my points I found myself snacking. Monday night I had another night of insomonia and Tuesday was yet another busy day at work...packing brocolli most of the day. (My back still aches!!) That night I started the snacking again craving sweets and did go over my points. I ended up going to bed early with a sleeping tablet. Wednesday morning I woke after a good nights sleep, managed a walk but it was a real effort....and today I am still battling, think the loss of sleep and extra hard start to the week has knocked me for a sixer.
Anyways on Sunday we had a lovely visit from Simon and Tracey on their way back from Dunsborough where they had been staying for a few days celebrating my grandson Tommy's 4th birthday and also doing some more wedding plans. Yep...another wedding happening for the family next year...a week after we arrive home from our Tassie holiday. Anyways Simon and tribe lit up the bbq and we had all had lunch and Tommy opened up his pressie and he and the other kids ran amok for a few hours, was really great to see them.

Anyways it is getting late for finish this cuppa and head to bed....guess it will be another busy day at the farm.

ohhhh I lost 500g tonight...happy with that with all the "snacks" I was's to another good week ......


  1. He's a little cutie and I'm loving the colour of Nanna's hair! Well done on getting shot of a nother 500g. The insomnia is a bugger isn't it - I - touch wood- haven't been too bad lately. Zxx

  2. There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep. Glad you at least had a pill to help mid-week.
    Well done on the continuing losses.
    AND another wedding! What fun.

  3. Being tired will crack your resolve every time!! Glad you are on top of it now though. The brocoli sounds like hard work!!...I remember when we had a shop and the field workers used to come in for their lunch and they used to say that brussel sprouts were the hardest of all....bending and murder on their thumbs! I don't know how you do it...although being outside would be nice.