Friday, August 20, 2010

Home again

My girl Kylee, took this at a small park at Callista, really love this pic !
The Spirit of Tasmania taken from the Skydeck...looking forward to travelling on this in early February next year.

Taken from the Eureka Skydeck ...taken just before sunset..

Me and my man at Kylee's ... Kylee took this picture sitting at her dining table

Had a wonderful time with our girl in Melbourne....the weather was cold, wet and windy but we coped. Ted wasn't feeling the best, he has had the flu now for over a month....but he really enjoyed the days with our daughter, they went by so quickly...tooo quickly! Kylee and Stephen kept us busy, our feet hardly touched the ground. Had a lovely drive up into the Dandenongs, went out to Sovereign Hill at Ballarat, the museum, the Eureka tower, tram trips around the city and lots of eating out. Kylee's new house is very nice and work on the garden has started....heaps of work to do to get it the way they like it...but it all takes time. By the time we go back at the end of January we should see a huge difference.
All the eating out made the scales go up....but no matter, working on getting it off yet again. I started at my new meeting last night...the group of lifetimers, plus men & women who can't afford ww weekly was a great meeting, more relaxed and a less structured so I am looking forward to going back next week.
I bought the latest Annette Syms cookbook while over there....some awesome recipes in it that I am hoping to try out this weekend. Kylee wanted to try her eating plan out as she has a lot of weight to lose, her Dr recomends she see a dietian and try to lose weight before she starts trying for children so I bought her the book too. Poor love has really struggled big time with her weight since moving, what with homesickness, the the pill/implant and some depression. She lost some for her wedding but has put that back on plus some since moving into their new house, thats shows how contented she is I guess.


  1. Gorgeous photo of you and your man:-)

    Kylee always looks like she has a real mischievious side to her nature, just something about her grin and eyes. Great that she has her mum to support her with her eating plan.

  2. Love that picture of you and Ted at the kitchen table. Know all about what eating out does to the scales!!! Zxx

  3. LOL... good 'nostril' shot of you and Ted.. YOUR nostrils I might add! Hey I posted the cards to you yesterday... after forgetting to for a few days!
    Got your $/s in the post too... thanks for the glittery stars! So cute.

  4. Great photos!! didn't escape my attention that you mention you will be going on the Spirit!!! Are you coming to Tassie for a little holiday?? How long for? Will you be doing the West Coast?? If you do you HAVE to stay with us!!!! If not I would love to try and catch up with you somewhere!!!! How exciting!!