Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday night again....

....and that means my weigh in night....loss of 500 grams ... yay for me coz this week I had to stay focused. I did lose the plot mid week....but managed to turn it around and get back on track. Now hopefully I don't lose the plot all together when I head to Melbourne on Thursday. Dear daughter has a full 4 days mapped out for us so by the sounds of it our feet aren't going to be touching the ground much. Included in those days are a lot of eating out. Ahhh well enjoy myself I will....and I'll deal with any gain when I get back. My girlfriend and I have joined up with a off-spin of ww's and I'll be going to those meetings when I get back. What it is is a group of "lifers" (lifetime members) who have gained and don't want to go to a ww every week and pay fee's weekly. So they have started up this meeting where we can get together, weigh, talk and inspire & support one another which sounds great to me for a small fee which will pay for our coffee ! I will just attend my proper ww meeting once a month to record my weight there.
The photo above was taken of me 12 months ago up in the Northern Territory weighing what I weigh now.....I still have over 8 kilo's to get back to goal...just as did 12 months ago.....mmmmm maintaining ehhhh????
Last day of work for me tomorrow, Wednesday will be for organising myself, packing and a little pampering...a haircut & colour.
See ya on my return from Melbourne.


  1. congrats on the loss :) well done..

    hope you have a great time away and lots of fun..

    thinking of you :)


  2. Great loss - well done. Have a wonderful time in Melbourne - you're bound to - I love that city. Look forward to lots of pics when you get back

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  4. Have a fantastic trip hun, relax and enjoy xxx

  5. Sounds like a good group to belong to Jen. I always found that once you get to goal WW doesn't really cater for the lifetimers much. Especially if you have gained some weight. Not much help with continual maintenance.
    Anyway have a great trip!