Friday, September 03, 2010

That time again...

It was weigh in night again last night....and yay I lost again..only 450 grams this week but I'll take it all.
I really like this new meeting I go too. It is the Karkana Klub, it is affliated with WW Australia but our meetings are a lot more "user" friendly. The meetings are based on the principal of "Group Therapy", people who have the same problem and discussing it frankly without fear of being laughed at or misunderstood. We are urged through incentives and encouragement to lose excess weight gimmicks and fads.

Today has been a longggggggggggg day...2 hours overtime added on to a busy busy day ! A lot of hard yakka I did do today, I am tired! If I had known the day was going to be like that I would have stayed in bed longer and not gone walking. mmmmm but then again now the mornings are not so dark I am really starting to enjoy my walks agin....its a beautiful time of the morning. Tomorrow morning a lay in bed for me I think.....I will be walking at 8am with a girlfriend, I help her deliver pamphlets and catch up on all our gossip..our "jabberwalk" we call it !

All quiet on the home front...shhhhhhhhhh lets see how long it stays like that !

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  1. oh Jen, congrats on the loss that's great :)

    And the Klub sounds great too...

    Have a great weekend