Friday, September 10, 2010

Another loss...

After a looooong week Thursday night came around all too soon. I had a good week but ate way too many snacks and treats and wasn't sure how that would reflect on the scales. A very bad habit that I am going to have to stop. Excersise was good, managed a walk nearly every morning before work, only missed 1 morning so happy with that. Anyways the scales showed another 500g loss....can't complain at all about that.

Above is a pic of me, hubby & Tina and Grant. Tina & Grant are our best friends...and our travelling companions. We did our Northern Territory together last year and next year they will driving across the nullabour with us and hopping on the Spirit of Tasmania and touring Tassie with us. Geeeeeeee the time is going by quickly, I can still remember us sitting around a camp fire on our trip last year planning this trip. Grant & Tina are coming down from Geraldton this month for a quick visit and we will finalise a few more little details.

Nothing much has been happening. Shawn still looking for work...thankfully Shaz is working. Paul has the flu and has had to have days off, Simon is busily rounding up addresses, his and Tracey wedding invites are being made shortly....and Kylee is looking forward to our Tassie trip too coz that means daddy & mummy will be in Melbourne with her again.


  1. Just a quick comment to say I still pop in and read, may not leave many comments now but so much appreciate your support.

    Interesting that your friends are from Geraldton - that's where our NZ nephew now lives, we met up with him on our trip earlier this year when we called in a visited you.

  2. congrats on the loss Jen! and how lovely that your planning another trip! Thats yet another reason for mine and hubbys decision, we want to travel when the kids are grown :o) xxx

  3. Well done on the 500g loss. If you are looking for it I think I may know where it has gone but I wont send it back I'll pass it on to someone who needs it. We are off to Tassie sometime soon I think. Mark is working it all out (I hope).

  4. Make sure Strahan is on the itinery!!! The free-ish campsite is just down the road from us....the golfclub actually....they have set aside a nice area for RV's for 7 bucks a night. You can come up and have a meal with us and I will take you on a little tour one day......all four of you!!