Friday, September 24, 2010

In the past

What with my brothers birthday the other day and Chris H comment about Rosemary on one of my posts my mind has been a little in the past of late. Thinking about life and what could of been, what might of been and so on. The pic above is the last pic taken of our brood. Simon, Paul, Rosemary, Shawn and Kylee. I only carried 3 of those 5 under my heart...but the other 2 grew in my heart. Ted and I met in 1981, I was the mother of Simon, he was the father of Paul and was you love me, you love my kids...his kids were my kids, my kid was his kid and thats the way it stayed. There was never any of the disputes that you see sometimes with some combined families. They all grew up together thou not always together, sometimes Paul and Rosemary were with their mother and Simon was with his father but bond they all did. They are still close today but not as close as they were before we lost Rosemary in the accident...the photo above was taken a month or so before she was killed in 1996...she was 23.
Life goes on.....
Friday today and I am home, work thankfully is quiet. Its a long weekend this weekend with Monday being a public holiday so I have a whole 4 days off work. Plenty to catch up on around the house and garden so thats what I will be doing. Off very shortly for my with my friend Deb.
Last night was weigh in night too....I said goobye to 550grams...still have a long way to go but I am a getting there......


  1. Thanks for the explanation of your family ... blended familes can work very well... as your's obviously did. How sad that you both lost Rosemary so young.

  2. When meeting you I had already heard about your blended family, but this post describes it perfectly. Well done to you and Ted for successfully bringing up the combined family. So sad about Rosemary.