Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My bro

Today is my brother 59th birthday.....he was killed in 1979 aged 27.
I was 23 when he was killed and today I still miss him heaps.
He was older than me by nearly 5 years but we were the middle kids of the of the 4 of us and we were very close.
Happy Birthday Tom...loves ya still xx


  1. Oh 27! Far too young. My brother-in-law was killed at 27 and left a wife and three small children.
    He would have been about the same age as your brother now too!
    Lets hope they are enjoying another life somewhere wonderful xx

  2. It was far too young Suzy. He too was married, had a little boy and a girl, and his wife pregnant with twins (a boy & girl)

  3. So very young and so very sad.