Friday, September 17, 2010

This week

Another week has flown by.

Had a quiet weekend and a lovely friend call in for a visit. Sharon and I met when she started working at the farm where I am about 6 years ago. She left a few years back and moved up to Kojonup and we have stayed in contact. I learnt earlier on this year she lost one of her sons in a car accident but I hadn't managed to see her until she called in on Saturday. Poor love I really felt for her, its hard to lose someone you love, espesially your own child. All I could do was hug her, wipe her tears. Having been in her shoes with the loss of our Rosemary I knew I couldn't take away her pain but I could listen as she talked.
Sharon stayed for for 3 hours or so and the next day I got a lovely text message from her to say she had arrived back home and thanked me for being there for her.

Kylee rang me on Monday asking me if I wanted some really really good news, she sounded so excited. And yeahhh it was good news. Jemma...Kylee's childhood friend (she was a bridesmaid at her wedding) had rang her and told her she was expecting her 1st child. Jemma is the daughter of our best friends (who I posted a pic of in my last post) so of course I had to ring Tina and congratulate her and ask was it going to effect our holiday to Tassie. Of course if Jemma was due around that time we would have had to change dates....but the bub is about 6 weeks after we get home. This will be Tina and Grants 2nd granchild...their son and daughter in law had a baby a month after we got back from our NT holiday...coincidence ehhh??

Deepest sympathy to my blogger friend Anne on the loss of her beloved hubby Peter.
Anne and Peter did call in for a visit, chat and a cuppa, when they did their tour of the south west earlier on this year . You're in Ted and mine thoughts every step of the way Anne.

And to finish off....last night was weigh in night...goodbye was said to 600grams.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Jen. Well done on another 600g gone.

    I too send my love to Anne on the loss of her husband. Very sad.

  2. Oh clever you on another 600g - I'm still struggling to get back into the groove. Like you I'm so so sad for Anne - and isn't she just so courageous in the way she's dealing with her dreadful loss. Zxx

  3. Another 600?? you are doing really, really well...I'm jealous:) Yes, I am in amazement at how well Anne is is so damn sad! Makes us all stop and reflect I think....."there but for the grace of God go I" etc
    Have you found out if you will be swinging past Strahan on your Tassie trip yet?

  4. Another 600g - wow. You are going so well. Congratulations?

  5. Nice loss chick.
    Baby's coming are a blessing.
    Losing one's child ... there could be nothing worse in life. How sad for your freind.
    Rosemary? Have you lost a child too? If so... I am so sorry.